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2016 Travel Bucket List

Man! 2016! I seriously cannot believe it’s already here. I’m ready for a great year and I really want to see some new places. Here are the ones that are top on my list.

The South of France/Coastal Italy

I’m so transfixed on that gorgeous blue water and the quaint little towns. I tend to want to “do it all” when I’m in Europe, and I’d love to take a few hints from the natives and enjoy a cozy little beach town for a few days while I work on my tan.


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YES, yes – Maine was top on my list last year, and the trip was all booked! Unfortunately, Matt needed to have knee surgery (he tore his meniscus, but he’s ok now! 🙂 and the only time the doctor could have done it was the week of our Maine trip. I’m thankful for Flexible Airbnb’s and Southwest’s easy flight change policy. So this year, we WILL make it to Maine. I just want to eat lobster, wear a sweater, and look at a lighthouse. It’s gonna happen!

Austin, TX

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I took my first trip to Texas in 2015 on a work trip, and it was fun – but I’ve been wanting to visit Austin for a while! I know there’s a lot of good food, so i’m looking for your favorite places to eat!

San Diego

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I’ve been all over California a few times – but never any further south than L.A. I’d really love to visit beachy San Diego! It looks like L.A. without the traffic – any truth to that? Any great wineries I should look up?


Yes, this was also on my list last year and it didn’t happen. But with the cheap WOW Airline flights, it would be pretty easy to make it happen!

I’m excited about this year and the possibilities it holds!
Where are you trying to go this year?