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Gift Guide: Something Small to Wrap When the Trip is the Gift

Giving someone a trip for Christmas, their birthday or an anniversary is such a great gift! However, there is something about having something to unwrap! Here are a few ideas, mostly under $20 (with the exception of the luggage)

  • Compression Packing Cubes:
    • Keep your luggage organized with packing cubes. They help separate your clothes and belongings, making it easier to find items and maximize space in your suitcase. These smush your clothes down so you can fit as much as possible!
  • Travel Adapter:
    • Going to Europe? Asia? South America? You need this. DO NOT mess around with those tiny ones that just covert the plug, they could fry your electronics. This has USB ports so you can charge multiple things at once without having to unplug. As long as it’s on Planet Earth, this adapter will keep your electronics safe…. but I can’t promise what will happen on the moon.
  • Foldable Water Bottle:
    • One of my favorite items. I also use this for concerts, events, sports, whatever! Anytime you may not be able to bring a water bottle in, this folds up small and can fit in your pocket or any bag. No more lugging around a huge, empty water bottle OR buying a bunch of single uses plastics.
  • Toiletry Bag and Travel-sized Toiletries:
    • Mini bottles of your favorite skincare – TSA approved! Plus this bag hooks onto any door so you can easily see all of your items.
  • Travel Bag
    • Whichever bag makes the most sense! If they need a new bag before the trip, this is a good one. We have had this carry on for 10 years and it still is in excellent shape (I prefer soft sided to hard sided…. but that’s just me!). I also got a tote bag with a travel sleeve last year and it is a game changer. Not having to keep my bag on my shoulder, but have it nicely attached to my luggage handle is so nice. And I got Matt one of these duffle bags that is basically a garment bag and duffle in one last year and he loves it! it uses space so well and allows maximum packing in minimal space. That being said, if your luggage is in good shape, I’d choose something else!
  • Passport Cover
    • You gotta have one! I got mine from Nisolo on super sale, but I love this one. It clips shut, has spots for cards – Global Entry, a spare credit card, or you could put all of your cards in this while you travel and use like a wallet. If your traveler doesn’t have one, and you’re sending them on an international trip, this would be my top choice of gift! You could even put their passport in the holder for maximum effect when unwrapping.
  • Guide Book
    • If the recipient is a research lover like me, they’ll love a guide book to start reading about the destination.

If you are planning a trip with me, I will provide either a ticket or an itinerary to print to present with the gift! Just let me know!