Work With Me

I have been all over the world and helped many people plan their trips for fun, and now have all the benefits of being a Fora Travel Advisor! Now I get access to perks and amenities and get to pass them on to YOU! How fun is that? No matter if It’s 1 night in a hotel on a road trip home, or a luxury cruise, or a 3 week trip across 5 countries, I’d love to help make this your best trip yet. Let’s start planning!


Why work with a travel advisor?
I am here for people who are overwhelmed at the process, don’t love spending hours doing research, or want a value-added experience.

What can you provide?
Perks at thousands of hotels, properties and cruises (upgrades, extended check in/check out, free breakfast, onboard/property credit), direct contacts with hotels and partnerships that give you more without paying more, I have access to thousands of other advisors that have been to all the places I haven’t, simple planning that saves you time. I can help you maximize your budget, your time, and resources, and make sure you have the BEST trip possible!

What CAN’T you provide?
I am not a genie, and while I love a good deal and will always strive to get the best for you, I am not a Priceline name your own price tool. I can’t make the Ritz Carlton cost $100/night just because you want to stay there on that budget, or automatically find you a cheaper price than you’re seeing on some third party website like (hint: these usually are on discount for a reason and it’s not in your best interest, and they are considered “online travel agents”, so it’s like you deciding to work with another agent). I also will not compete with other agents. As a courtesy, I ask that you do not use my services if you plan to do this. This relationship requires trust. You may be able to find a slightly cheaper price somewhere (which may come at its own price) and if that is your main task, I kindly ask that you do your own planning.

Is there a minimum to work with you?
1 night in a hotel/vacation rental is the minimum! No, really! So basically the minimum is that you have to be leaving your house for the night 😉

Are there any fees?
It depends on the trip – if you are booking things like a cruise, business travel blocks, or just need hotels – there are no fees. If you need a curated experience and itinerary, fees may apply. The consultation is always free, so reach out and we’ll figure out if it’s a good fit for you!

How long is pricing good for?
Pricing on hotels, flights, cruises etc is dynamic and could change at any time. Any time something is quoted, I will always confirm the price before running your card and let you know if it has changed. I cannot hold pricing unless you put a hold with your credit card (some places offer this, some do not) but I cannot control this fluctuation unfortunately. Rooms can also sell out, so if you are set on something, we should lock it in.

Can you book using my credit card points?
This is tricky. Since I book through specific partnerships, I am happy to point you in the right direction, but cannot do a comprehensive trip planning for you and do any booking for you. If you are using points for your airfare ONLY, or a small portion of your trip, I’d be happy to consider working with you still! Let’s chat about it and figure out if we can work it out.

Can I still earn points through my hotel perks programs?
YES! If you have Marriot, IHG, Hilton – really any – hotel membership number, just give it to me and I’ll make sure it’s included in your booking. Sometimes agency rates give DOUBLE points type promotions. Win-win!

Can you book my Airbnb’s?
With Airbnb, I do not have any connections or access if something goes wrong. For this reason, I can only use properties that are available through an agency portal. This ensures I can contact owners and work as the agent on your behalf (which Airbnb does not allow). There are however plenty of vacation rentals available this way, just not through the Airbnb website.

How do we pay you?
I use a secure portal to collect your credit card information. This is stored in a 3rd part vault and only used when you are booking, and the vault is password protected and encrypted. So I won’t have screenshots of your credit card on my phone or computer.

What’s the process like?
Typically, you let me know what your trip, time frame and budget is, and any other factors that I need to know. We will have an initial consultation/email/phone call to make sure I have all the information and you’re ready to work together. Once we’ve decided to work together, I start presenting you with options and information. Sometimes it’s a few rounds of options until we find the right place/itinerary, sometimes it’s an obvious choice right away. I’m here to make sure you feel supported in your choices and that everything is ready for you.

Once we book, I contact all vendors (hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, etc) and make sure they know my very important clients are coming, which usually provides you with a little something extra 🙂 Then I make sure you have all the booking details and information you need in one easy to find place. Then, you just have a blast and contact me anytime if you need anything during your trip!

Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that, but those are the highlights. 🙂

I already booked something for our trip, but would like help now. Is it too late to work together?
No problem! This is called a “takeover booking” and typically all I need is your hotel/cruise/booking confirmation and I can contact the establishment and become the “agent of record” for your trip. For example, I had clients who decided to book their hotels on their own because they didn’t think I worked with smaller chains like Holiday Inn (not true! I absolutely do!). I was able to takeover their bookings for their 2 week trip, got them upgrades at 2 smaller boutique hotels, and early check in/late check out at 2 of their chain hotels (Holiday Inn Express & Hilton Garden Inn). It’s never too late, unless the trip is over!

What’s the catch?
Literally no catch. If you could get upgraded for free, why wouldn’t you?! My only request is that you trust me, and once we commit to working together, you allow me to plan your trip and book on your behalf 🙂

Question not answered? Email me anytime!!!