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4 Ways to Download Kindle eBooks For FREE!

I’ve always loved reading. I remember being in 4th grade and reading an entire Babysitter’s Club book every single night. 

For some reason, in my group of friends as a kid, it was cool to read more than anyone else. We did things like compete to read the biggest books in the library in the shortest amount of time. I guess I never realized how dorky that sounds, but whatever. Reading is good for your brain 🙂

While I’d much rather be bending the spine of an actual book, I’ve learned it doesn’t make sense to carry around multiple books on a trip. I typically bring one along and then rely on ebooks for the rest of my entertainment.

It’s great knowing you can download a new book in just a few minutes while you’re on the road, especially if you finish your book before your first layover (it’s happened to me more than once).

The only problem with eBooks is how expensive they are! I understand we’re paying for convenience – but why pay for eBooks when you can have the same thing for zero dollars down? Here are 4 ways to download eBooks for free.

Amazon Prime Kindle First (Free to Prime Members)

For starters, Amazon Prime is one of my favorite things. For $99 a year, we have unlimited streaming movies & TV shows (we don’t pay for Netflix, Hulu Plus or cable), free 2 day shipping, streaming music and now photo storage. And to top it all off, Prime offers 4 pre-released books at the start of each month, and Prime members can download one for free. (Note: at $99 a year, Prime is the same amount as a Netflix account…. with way more benefits).

If you want MORE free books, why not use this FREE trial of KINDLE UNLIMITED now!

iTunes iBooks 
the iPad & iPhone version of Kindle is called iBooks. Lucky for you, it comes preloaded on all your Apple devices 🙂 Even luckier, iBooks is FULL of free books. Many are current & by notable authors! Sign into iTunes & check out the tab for Great Free Books.

(Fear not: you can download the Kindle app for free if you are using Prime First or buying any Kindle eBooks on Amazon!)

While I haven’t downloaded off of this site (I find it much easier to do things in app form), it’s a great place to find this list. Books that were published before 1923 are public domain. I use this list to see what classics are available. Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, and every required reading book from high school (Heart of Darkness, Metamorphosis, Beowulf, A Doll’s House, Dracula, Scarlet Letter, a Modest Proposal, Wuthering Heights… just to name a few). 

Once you find the book you’re looking for, do a search on iBooks and you should be able to download it for free!

Your Local Library
If you haven’t been to your local library lately, you really should check it out. Chances are it’s just as close as Barnes & Noble, but it’s much more free. They also have seasons of TV shows, movies & a ton more! The downtown Nashville library amazing – built in a marble building from the 1920’s with huge, high ceilings. I love it there. 

What I love even more: most local libraries (at least in more metro areas) have free eBook lending options as well. Nashville public libraries selection is really amazing. I’m on the waiting list for Amy Poehler’s new book (they have 60 copies… they’re just already checked out) & borrowed Gone Girl during the hight of its popularity. They receive new books as they come out, so it’s perfect for the avid reader on a budget! Just make sure you sign up for the eBook option & have your Library Card Number available on the go!

Now you’re ready to read for free… what will you read first?

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