All The Rage: Oregon’s Uniforms

This might be the most unconventional fashion blog post of all time. And i know this is totally a girly take on football…. but i swear, i love the game! This just cannot be ignored.

I’m not from Oregon. I’ve never been to Oregon (although, i’d love to!) – but i am seriously contemplating taking the University of Oregon as my favorite College Football team….. completely based on their uniforms.

Check it out.

These are just a few of their uniforms.

They first really caught my eye in September when the played the first game of the season in these:

The neon on black is SICK. I know their colors are traditionally green and yellow, but this was an amazing twist. Needless to say it was love at first sight…. and i’ve been keeping my eye on the Ducks for more awesome designs by Nike.

Yellow and grey. L O V E I T.
This might be my favorite one. It’s easily done, since yellow and grey are two of my favorite colors 🙂 The wings on the shoulders look awesome in this one. I didn’t see this game against Missouri State, but i’ve obviously been keeping up with the Ducks on the fashion front.

The white with just a little silver and yellow? Awesome.

And finally, last night. Pretty much sealed the deal for best uniforms ever.

24 just so happens to be my favorite number.

The helmets are so sick!!! Nothing else out there like them.

Aaaaand that was for the win.

I couldn’t find any pictures of the back, but the players names were very subtly on the back of the jerseys. Just making them that much more awesome.

One of the guys i was watching the game with said “You’ve only commented on their uniforms…. i don’t think you’ve paid attention to a single play – you’re too distracted by the colors” 

it was 100% true.

Needless to say, my new favorite team is ranked #9, and has a 5-1 record. And their only loss is to #1 LSU. So…. i’d say that’s a pretty good season so far. 

Not to mention….. they look good. Thank you Nike….. QUACK QUACK!!!
(i’ve gotta read up on what the fans say)