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Capsule Wardrobe for Every Season

I’m always on a mission to pack less. Carrying on is a way of life and I can’t recommend it enough!

What I’ve realized is having a basic selection of clothes for every season is the perfect building block for packing. With these capsule wardrobes, I start with these basics – then add or take away as needed. Add a more formal dress, or slightly lighter or heavier clothing depending on the location. It works pretty well! Here’s my basic capsule for every season.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring can be a tricky time – warm days, cool nights… you  need a little bit of everything. Here’s how you can have plenty to get you by without bringing your entire closet. This little 8 piece packing list gives you over 10 outfits with almost no effort. Also, pick a few lighter colors as a reward for getting through winter 🙂


– Lightweight tops that can be layered with cardigans or a chambray.
– Dresses… because it’s spring! I always bring tights because you  never know how breezy it will be.
– A lightweight scarf. A key ingredient in ANY weather.
– A pair of closed toed flats for chilly days, and sandals when the sun is shining.

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summer capsule wardrobe

Summer is HOT. You’ll never ever see me in jeans unless I’m at the north pole. Moving from spring, I ditch the jeans for shorts and a skirt, add a dress and swap to tank tops.


– A black sundress can be dressed up or down, and can cover you from the beach to dinner.
– Maxi dress. Once again, can be good for a day date, bridal shower, dinner, or attending a wedding. Plus you can wear it again on the flight to stay warm.
– The chambray will take care of any breeze or shade, or more likely, cold restaurants.
– Tank tops go with your shorts, skirt and can be layered over the black dress! Seriously, don’t ever forget the black dress!

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autumn capsule wardrobe

Fall is always a favorite. After sweating all Summer I’m ready for some layers. Like Spring, layers are key.


– Lightweight sweater. My black & grey sweater is a fall favorite because it’s lightweight but still warm. I can add a tank top or jacket and be good to go.
– Wool dress. Add tights and you’ve got a cute evening outfit. It’s also nice to mix it up from jeans.
– Fingerless tights. I love these things! They keep air from sneaking up your arms but aren’t so hot that you can’t breath.
– Medium weight scarves add the perfect layer of warmth on a chilly night or overcast day. Then your medium weight jacket can take care of every occasion.

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Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Winter… I almost don’t even want to talk about you since you’re almost over. BLAH! The only redeeming quality about winter to me is cute sweaters and blanket scarves.


– Merino wool sweater. It’s the thinnest, warmest sweater you can invest in. They have them everywhere from TJ Maxx to Target to J.Crew & beyond – get one. I have one in a neutral tan so it goes with everything!
– Layerable clothing. You will wear at least two tops every single day, so make sure they can layer over each other and all match.
– Blanket scarf! I love mine. I use it as a blanket on the plane, wrap myself in it when I’m freezing, and have even used it as an extra blanket in a cold hotel. Get one.
– Thermal & fleece. While these aren’t attractive, they are warm. They are worth a little extra bulk in your suitcase so you don’t freeze.

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You can DO THIS! This weekend Matt & I shared a carry on suitcase. If I can do it, you can too. What essentials are in your capsule wardrobes?