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Five on Friday – Link Up

I thought it would be fun to get involved with some other bloggers…. so here it goes!

1 – Upcoming ‘Friendsgiving’ Celebration

eInvites via PaperlessPost!

We are hosting a dinner for everyone in our Village (read: our church’s word for ‘small group’) two days before actual thanksgiving, since most of us won’t be here! I am beyond excited as this is my first time hosting a Thanksgiving type celebration, and my hosting brain is on overload. I bought cloth napkins, i’m crafting, i’m dreaming up signature cocktails, and reading as many magazines as i can to find perfect recipes. Here, here, and here are where i’m getting some of my ideas!

2 – Bath & Body Works Seasonal Candles

Some people are all about Christmas music…. I’m personally all about the candles. If you ever are at my house, chances are I’m burning at least one. But holiday season cables are the BEST! I’ve been enjoying Bergamot Estates and Leaves for Fall…. they’re so cozy without being overwhelming (I’m not into sweet candles, so the apple pies and pumpkin doughnuts are NOT my personal style!), but just this week as the temperatures went FREEZING around here, I had to bust out a Fresh Balsam candle at my desk. It makes me so happy! I also have a coupon for $10 off $30 purchase…. which I intend to use during a 2 for $22 sale and get myself 4 candles for $30! EXCITED! Any new scents I should try?

3 – Upcoming Trip

Capella Ixtapa, in Ixtapa, Mexico

Big Sky, Montana

In just under two weeks, i’ll be leaving for about 13 days to celebrate my first anniversary in Mexico, Thanksgiving/Christmas with Matt’s family in Bismarck, ND, and take our annual snowboarding trip to Big Sky, Montana!! Thanks to a little something called the Multi-Way ticket, we were able to do all three of these trips by hopping from place to place instead of making three separate trips – for the price of just ONE of these trips. BNA –>ZIH, ZIH–>BZN, BZN–>BIS, BIS–>BNA. Yeah. We’ll be on a lot of freaking planes…. and going from 90 degrees down to 9 degrees. Also, i’m convinced i’ll only take a carry on. So wish me luck 😉 But I can’t wait to get in all sorts of quality time! QT with just Matt, QT with family, and QT with awesome friends. Stay tuned for updates on these travels.

4 – Steve the Kitten 🙂

This little guy is 100% personality and he makes me *SO HAPPY*. Yes, I am a cat lady, and i’m pretty excited about it. I wanted a kitten my entire life and Matt got him for me as a birthday present this year. The gift that actually keeps on giving…. because every day he snuggles up next to me and purrs like crazy… and it’s all i ever wanted. I love my little Stevie kitty! He’s sitting on my lap as I’m writing this… what a little love. Also, disclaimer: I did not name him Steve. The deal was if I got a cat, Matt was allowed to pick the name… and the name would definitely be Steve. So here we are, with our Steve. But i think it fits him pretty well 😉

5 – New Routine

Now that it’s cold outside, it’s even HARDER to get out of bed, especially with nowhere to go at a specific time most mornings…. so i decided I needed a routine. I get up and walk about two blocks to 8th & Roast, a coffee shop right by my house. Despite the cold, the walk there warms me up, and i get to enjoy a nice cup of coffee when I get there. Sometimes I bring a magazine or a journal, sometimes I’ve just been sitting and relaxing. It’s become an extremely enjoyable part of my day.

Happy Friday!

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