Five on Friday

Here are 5 things that made my week awesome. I hope you enjoy!

1 – New Music

My friends Steph and Tim are this gorgeous couple – plus they’re incredible musicians. They just released their first EP today called “Love is a Legend”. Their band’s name is Copperlily, and they’re amazing! Check it out here.

2 – Pretty Modern Calligraphy

My friend Rachel has always had the best hand wring. She was my RA my freshman year, and she made us these beautiful coffee mugs with our names on them, which I still have! Now, she’s honed her skills as an artist and started HoneyHoney Calligraphy – she does all sorts of invitations, lettering, stamps, etc. I ordered an address stamp from her, and I’m incredibly obsessed with it. She launched her website this week which is totally exciting! Check out her website and Etsy shop.

3 – Weather >.< App

I saw this mentioned online this week and have been cracking up ever since. I’m a self proclaimed cat lady (luckily I tricked Matt into marring me), and am not ashamed AT ALL. And things like this are just hilarious! Download it here right meow.

4 – Using up my Sweet Potatoes

Last week I made sweet potato bruschetta. Even though it sounds really weird, it was delicious! I actually might make it again this weekend. It was super satisfying and felt really decadent, even though it wasn’t at all! Vegan, paleo, gluten free and awesome.

5 – Anchorman 2

I didn’t plan on seeing this movie, but my friend Nick was in town and wanted to see it. It was pretty funny. The end scene with all of the news channels a la the original Anchorman was probably my favorite part. Anyone else see this and feel like you were in college agin? 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Check out the link-up below! 🙂