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Packing for Hot & Cold Weather in One Carry On

For the second year in a row, we’re going to the tropics & the arctic tundra in one trip. Last year was Mexico & Montana, and this year it’s Florida & South Dakota. Brrrrrrr.

Last year, I was able to fit everything for a beach anniversary trip & a snowboarding trip in ONE carry on. This was for almost 2 weeks away. Luckily, this year we aren’t packing for snowboarding – just visiting family, which makes it MUCH easier! Here’s a sample of what I packed last year.


dinner #2
dinner #3
shopping in town

lounging around the resort
by the pool 
by the pool more!

dinner in Big Sky – lots of layers!

my go-to travel day outfit!
suited up for boarding!
Chunky sweater, slouchy sweater, cardigan & chambray shirt.

Layers for snowboarding – wool socks, neoprene socks, neck gater, gloves, 
Scarf, wicking shirt & jacket.

 It was a long two weeks, we were on over 9 planes and endured a temperature change of over 100 degrees (plus wind chill… EWWWWW).

Here are the keys to packing for two climates in one bag.

  1. Bring ONE of anything that can only be used in one climate – i.e., bathing suit cover up or winter jacket. 
  2. Think of items that can work for both climates, such as a chambray shirt or a cardigan. It can be useful for cold restaurants in Florida, and can be used for actual warmth in South Dakota. Same with tank tops – they’ll be regular tops in Florida, but will add layers in SD.
  3. Keep your shoes down to 3 – I’ll probably bring boots, sandals, and running shoes. If the temperature drops at night in Florida, the boots will be fine with thin socks.
  4. Switch up your look with accessories, rather than a totally new outfit. Add a cardigan to a dress or switch scarves.
  5. Bring dresses that can work for the beach or can be worn with tights.
Here’s my packing list for my upcoming trip. 4 nights in Florida and 5 in South Dakota.

hot & cold
2 dresses
1 cardigan
1 leggings
1 jeans
2 tank tops
3 long sleeve tops/sweaters (bonus if they can be layered!)
3 shoes (boots, sandals, running shoes)
1 set workout clothes (tank, jacket, capris, sports bra, socks)
4 underwear
2 bras

Cold Accessories:
2 wool socks
1 beanie
2 scarves
1 black tights
1 heavy jacket
1 pair gloves

Warm Accessories:
1 bathing suit
1 sunglasses

The thing to remember about traveling to two different places with one suitcase, is that you can bring half the outfits and always have something “new” to wear in your 2nd location. Aka, PACKING MATH! At least this is what I have to remind myself, the girl who obsessed in high school over never wearing the same thing more than two weeks in a row. 

I’m getting over it slowly but surely 😉

We’re excited to go see our families! Although, I wish all of them lived in warmer climates 🙂

Do you have any multi-climate trips coming up?

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