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The kick off: Wanderlust Wednesdays

Since i love to travel so much, i decided i’m going to attempt to make a weekly posting about places i’ve been or places i want to go. This might be as broad as a continent or country, or slightly more specific… like a city… or an intersection. I appreciate different places on different levels, and i truly desire to see the entire world. So i’ll never run out of places to write about 🙂

The first Wanderlust Wednesday, i’ve chosen to select:

Flagpole Beach, Palm Beach, FL.

This is the first photo i ever took of the beach in 2004. Before the Hurricanes. Gorgeous, right? I grew up on the West Coast of Florida, and it’s just completely different than the East Coast. It’s possible that i could swim before i could walk, and still, every time i walk onto the sand, it makes me smile.

This beach especially holds fond memories. Something about being in college and living walking distance from the beach seems ideal and unrealistic – but the truth is, we had beach parties with food and drinks and a live band… and somehow, this wasn’t a Mandy Moore movie. I’m pretty sure i spent equal amounts of time studying as i did socializing on this beach. I’ve surfed, played volleyball, seen sharks, taken pictures, had visitors, worshiped, laughed, cried, taken night excursions, been diving, played in hurricanes, met new friends, said goodbyes, celebrated, made memories, had adventures, had revelations and near death experiences (another days blog!) told secrets, and simply put… lived. It might not be anywhere spectacular in the broad scope of the world… but sometimes there’s no place i’d rather be.

West Palm Beach in general is certainly one of my favorite places in the world, simply because of the memories scattered across it’s streets, but this beach specifically holds a special place. But even if you have no emotional ties…. i highly recommend you stop by sometime and see if the waves have any stories to tell.