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Wanderlust Wednesday: South Lake Tahoe

This Wednesday, there is no passport necessary. We’re just heading out west to South Lake Tahoe – one of the prettiest places i’ve ever been in my life.
This is real life.

Just to preface: i’ve only been to Tahoe once. It was in July. So i’ve never experienced it in its fullness…. going down the slopes.

However, i’d completely go back in the summer, because it is amazing. 50’s at night, mid 70’s and sunny during the day. Water warm enough to swim in and perfect places to bbq and play volleyball. But i really can’t wait to come here in the winter and drop in on some perfect powder… and most likely breaking something in the process. (read: i like snowboarding. but i’m not very good at it!!) I like that Tahoe kind of has the best of both worlds.

Perk: Everything is up in the mountains. It is so beautiful. Looking off balconies of most of the cabins you can see ski lifts that are lacking snow, but the mountain tops still have perfectly dusted caps. But everything is tucked into beautiful wilderness! Non Perk: my ears pop a lot. oh well.

Balcony #1
Balcony #2
My best friend got married (the photo above is my two best friends. Kim, who got married, is in the middle) in Tahoe. Talk about the prettiest wedding i’ve ever been to. Here are a few tastes of what it was like….
Love it 🙂

the lighting was amazing!
After an all day storm… the perfect sunset.
There is something that completely blows my mind about being at a beach and in the water in the perfectly warm sunshine… and looking out… and seeing snow topped mountains. I guess that stems from being raised in florida and never being able to see anything on the other side of water. Because mexico is really far away 🙂
But typically Tahoe doesn’t get much in way of storms… the mountains usually block the fronts. Well luckily for us, it rained and golf ball sized hailed all day long. Up until 5pm for a 6pm outdoor wedding. Luckily everything worked out, and it was beautiful, just cool enough, and the backdrop was brilliant. 
I took this with my phone. That’s how vivid it was.
Like i said. Pretties place ever.