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2013: A Year in Travel

I find I’m at my best when I have a trip coming up. It’s something i’ve been addicted to a long time, and have always been happiest spending my money on plane tickets! Here’s a review of where I went in 2013


Fort Myers, FL/Sanibel Island, FL/Orlando, FL – visiting my family and seeing friends… always a good time. Not to mention – Matt’s first trip to Disney (since he was 8… and he doesn’t remember at all).

With my Prince Charming (cheesy… I knoooow)

Sky bar with Alicia!

Bunch Beach

Sanibel Lovers

Ford’s Garage, Ft Myers, FL
Ogden, UT/Antelope Island, UT – I’ve never been to Utah, but I can safely say it’s one of the most beautiful and unique places in the US. If given the chance, GO FOR IT!
view from our cabin – unreal, I know.

on location, Antelope Island. Filling in for the makeup artist 🙂

In and Out – haven’t been here since high school! Luckily the milkshakes don’t have meat 🙂

Chattanooga, TN – for a beautiful wedding of our friends Danielle and Josh! They were married at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Gardens with a reception on the 34th floor of a hotel.


St Louis to visit my friend Kim. A short 36 hour trip, but i’d never been before! We saw the arch, ate yummy food, and went on our 2nd Budweiser brewery tour… and also became Brewmasters.


Kentucky – Road trips. It’s only like 45 minutes away… so why not take a trip up for some diner food?


Seattle: My first time. You can read more about it on Wednesday!

Bauhaus Books and Coffee

Hiking Poo Poo Point


Chattanooga for my niece, Avery, turning 1!

Also – Kitty’s first road trip! He was a trooper… basically slept on my lap the whole time.

My sister and her adorable family


NYC #1 – Gotta love a good excuse for a trip to NYC. My old Sanibel posse was there, including my friend Libby (who moved back to London less than a month later)… so I joined.

‘ello new york.

CUP in Greenpoint – the sweetest staff in NYC

Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn Heights with Casey!
King Noodle in Bushwick – it’s off the beaten path, but it is incredible.

brunching with the Sanibel crew!


Tulsa, OK – also my first time here…. lots of time with my girls to help Jess G get hitched!

 Chicago, IL – for maybe the 100th time…. but it never gets old. I love visiting Ash! ALSO this time was maybe the best time, because we got to see Jimmy Eat World!

At Bongo Room – one of my favorites!



Atlanta, GA – I’ve been through atlanta millions of times, but this was the first time i stopped to appreciate it

Kylie’s gorgeous wedding!

Matt’s first stop at Ikea

Photo booth at West Egg Cafe – check out that first pic. We look good.

NYC #2: Thanks to our credit card miles for this entire trip… and for the sweet digs at the Conrad New York. Such a nice hotel! Our main purpose of visiting was the Lord Huron & Alt+J show in Central Park – which was awesome!


Hotel Bar


Matt’s contemplating this as a tattoo

Sup, Jersey.

Got to hang with my cousin, NYC’s newest resident.

A good crew at Sweet Chick BK

BK Heights has the best view of the city!

Lord Huron – and Alt+J was amazing!

Yes… we are still in September. It was a crazy month! And this last trip went into October

Orlando + Caribbean: We road tripped down with two other couples to Epcot Food and Wine Festival… and then ventured on our 7 day cruise (and met up with 2 other couples, for 5 couples total!) Our ports were: Cozumel, Belize City, Roatan, and Costa Maya.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival! This was actually the first day of the event.



Peace out, America!

Self-imposed 80’s night. 

Roatan. The best.


Atlanta #2 – We liked it much more than we thought! So we took a lovers getaway here for a day and a half to do some eating, drinking, and Ikea-ing (to fill up our almost renovated house!)

He’s fun 🙂

i LOVE the quote on the wall!

 Capella Ixtapa – aka, heaven on earth. This is where we spent Thanksgiving and celebrated our anniversary (it’s also where we went our our honeymoon, so it’s sentimental for me!) Read more about Capella here and here.

LA… for a few hours – We had an 18 hour layover leaving Mexico – so we got to see some wonderful friends!

Bozeman/Big Sky, Montana – it’s a winter wonderland for sure. It was also a bit of an arctic tundra this time… with nothing ABOVE -20 degrees the entire week we were there. Brrrrrrrrr. At least it’s pretty. We usually snowboard but I only mustered up the courage to go into the cold ONCE. 🙂

the Bozeman airport is the CUTEST

Layer 1 of 25

Matt’s eyes + Flash = nonexistent 

Bismarck/Fargo, ND – after Big Sky, we road tripped back to North Dakota with Matt’s family. I also got to see my long lost roommate, Ashlee!!!

It was a crazy/amazing/wonderful/adventurous year. I wouldn’t do it any different.

We have a few things penciled in for 2014, but not a whole lot set in stone…. except the trip I’m going on Friday – stay tuned for details of that in Wednesday’s post! 🙂 I haven’t been to Europe in about three years… and i’m itching to go back! I’d also like to explore some new cities in the US – DC, Portland, Maine (anywhere in Maine, really), Asheville…. my list always goes on and on.

Where are you going in 2014? What’s your goal? Domestic, international… tell me tell me!