amsterdam - packing list

Amsterdam Packing List

Amsterdam in the spring time was SO BEAUTIFUL! We only visited for 4 days, so it was easy to pack light – but we did need layers and to be prepared for the rain.

Amsterdam Packing List

Scarf | Pashmina | Army Jacket | Trench | Rain Jacket | Crossbody | Black Leggings |
Skinny Jeans | Booties | Black Nike | YSL Lip Tint | White Top | Black Tank | Grey Tee | Beanie

The rain jacket was a MUST for this trip, as were a few scarves. The temperature was never truly warm, but never more than chilly. Adding or taking away a layer was the key. Scarves are one of my favorite accessories, and a great souvenir to pick up on a trip. I brought two of my favorites, one from London & one from Italy.

As for shoes, Amsterdam is small, but you will walk a LOT! I kept it simple with black Nikes and my favorite booties. They have a low heel, so they look great for day to night, and they can also be casual or a little nicer.

If you’re thinking of visiting Amsterdam, I cannot recommend the spring time enough! It was magical.