bloggy blogs

As i’ve recently found out, at least 5 people read my blog. yay! So since i’ve got 4 or more people to entertain… i guess i’ll keep writing.

I thought i’d give a shout out to the other blogs I enjoy. These are usually what you can find me reading in the evenings or on my lunch break.

The Album Project

The Album Project does daily recommendations for music, talks about new releases every tuesday, and reviews concerts. The link a placed above is reviewing the Jimmy Eat World show i went to a few weeks ago, and i agree whole heartedly with his review! I follow him on twitter (@thealbumproject) which makes it easy to keep up with new posts. If you’re looking for good (in my opinion!) music and reviews, this is the place to get them,

Hyperbole and a Half

Allie is the author, and she writes true stories that have actually happened to her (although she admits, slightly dramatized for humor) and accompanies each story with pictures she’s drawn on Paintbrush. The link above is to my favorite post about why she’ll never be a real adult. I almost cried i was laughing so hard. My best friend Kim introduced me to this blog, and i am very thankful for this… so i figured i’d pass the love along 🙂

P.S. – I Made This

My new current obsession – do-it-yourself crafts! These are especially good, because Erica takes ideas and inspiration from current fashion and designers and makes simple ways to make the trends yourself. I have her book and follower her on Twitter (@psimadethis) and i’ve made a couple of pieces inspired by her. She’s amazing and can probably make anything out of sharpies, felt, and hot glue.

Nuestie’s News

My lovely roommate. She mixes it up between thought provoking Biblical topics, favorite things, and even awful first dates. Chances are, you’ll relate to her. The best part about her blog is it’s how i’ll keep up with her in a few months when she leaves for Haiti for 2 years.

Ravenous Libby

My dear friend and foodie, Libby Andrews, covers all the food topics from Healthy Eating to the new delicious foods she tries when on vacation. Either way, the photos will make you hungry and want to go out immediately and buy some type of food you can’t even announce.

So those are probably the ones i visit the most – check out a new blog this week, and see what these lovelies are up to! You might find something new to read.