Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!

We’re sailing away for a few days…. I’m pumped! There’s something so nice about being forced to disconnect from email & social media for a few days.

Speaking of being disconnected, I apologize for the radio silence over here – I promised a guide to frequent flyer miles earlier in the week but I was down for the count with a draining cold! I basically slept for 2 days (I guess I needed the rest)! Really thankful to be feeling better in time for our trip!

Matt & I packed one medium size suitcase together (bigger than carry on size, but still pretty small. But I had to check a suitcase for our flight so I could bring my own wine!), and it only weighed 33lbs total. Winning!

Here are some outfit combos for the trip (I tweaked my original list a little!)

So versatile…. And it took less than half a suitcase! Seriously, I love traveling light.

While I’m crusing, you should browse these posts so you can book a cruise of your own!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!