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Bruges Recap

Have you ever heard of Bruges? If you haven’t you’re definitely not alone. I had no idea where it was until Matt made me watch “In Bruges” (it’s a very dark comedy – heavy on the dark, and the F word, so be advised if you’ve never watched it). 

BUT – one thing that stuck out to me in the movie is that the villain keeps referring to Bruges as a “fairy tale town” – he wasn’t kidding. 





Bruges is so stinking CUTE! It’s one of the only cities in Europe that never got distorted during a war or was victim to a massive fire. It’s medieval charm is thick and many of the buildings are marked with the year they were built. We saw tons from the 1500’s and 1600’s, and even as early as the 1400’s! Incredible. 








I mean, seriously. Can you even resist those little ginger bread houses? The town is covered with them. The Bed & Breakfast we stayed in was also quite dreamy, and an incredible price for such a beautiful room and amazing service! It was all decorated for Christmas which only added to its charm. The couple that runs the B&B were so lovely. If you ever find yourself in Bruges, I can’t recommend the Huis Koning B&B enough.





A few things you should definitely check out in Bruges if you happen to find yourself there:
1 – Belfort
The beautiful tower in the middle of the main square. You can climb to the top (366 steps!), there are a few stops on the way to inspect the bells and other pieces of history. It was fun and worth the climb. The view is wonderful! The staircase is very winde-y, there’s no elevator, and it’s the same stairs to go up or come down. But it’s fun. If you cheated and took the elevator to the top of the Eiffel tower, you better clime the Belfort!



View from the top!




Seriously, check out that staircase!

2 – Canal Tour
Seems cheesy, but it’s fun. And it’s a great way to see all the cute little areas of Bruges. They’re pretty cheap and run from several spots along the main canal. And is about 75% cheaper than a gondola ride in Venice!








3 – Drink Beer!
I’m sure you could wander into just about any bar in Bruges and get some great beer, but here are a few I can recommend:

De Garre is this tiny little place down this tiny little alley. Get the triple, it’s their specialty! And it came with a side of cheese. Any beer that comes with a side of cheese is a win in my book.

De Halve Maan Brewery is the oldest still running brewery in Bruges. They offer a daily tour and have a food/drink menu to keep you fueled for the day. 



Just a few of my favorites. I have to say, going at Christmas time was extra charming, everything was sparkling with lights and trees! Plus they had a cute little market set up in the town square. I loved it.








Oh, my Bruges. We will meet again. Have you ever been to Bruges?