Cross Body Travel Bags Under $60

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about good travel bags – so here are some great cross body bags under $60! There’s something for every style and budget. I personally love bags that have a little wider width (which you can see on the QVC bag & the Apt 9 bag), so each of these bags should be wide enough at the bottom to actually FIT things in here. I personally have the black H&M bag and it’s served me well for over 2 years (I have the brown one, but it’s the exact same bag).
I aways carry a cross body when I travel because it’s easy to know where your bag and make sure you don’t set it down anywhere. A heavy shoulder bag is just begging to be set down when you sit or are picking something up. I stick with an inexpensive cross body in a neutral tone, so it goes with everything.
Do you have any favorite cross body bags I should know about?!