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DIY Accent Wall to Brighten Our Den

Our house turns 90 next year.

She looks pretty good for her age, huh?

Matt bought this house before we met. He spent the first 4 months he owned the house doing a total rehab of the kitchen… including moving multiple bearing walls, installing cabinets & countertops and repainting EVERYTHING. He loves working on this house.

On my side, I lived in one condo (with my roommate, Ashlee!) where I was able to paint my walls, and I only got through my bedroom (and 3 coats of purple paint on ONE wall) before deciding that the bathroom and hallway were fine just the way they were 😉

Before we started the master bedroom project (one that took almost an entire year, I might add) we committed to making the den habitable so we had a nice place to relax. It was the first room we did together and I loved it.

Curtains: West Elm // Rug: Ikea // Couch & Ottomon: American Signature (similar) //
Shelf: Garage Sale // Pillows: Target // Media Cabinet: Pottery Barn (via Craigslist)

Lamp: Ikea // Side Table: Garage Sale
Ignore the seat from our car when I snapped these photos & messy media cabinet! But you get the idea.

Even though I love this little room, I could never figure out what to put around the TV that wasn’t distracting. I liked the yellow accent wall but I realized it didn’t serve its purpose of lightening this space up. I also felt like it was a little too matchy-matchy and wanted something different. I think being home for the last several weeks has made me look harder at our house.

I started looking online for inspiration and finally found something on A Beautiful Mess.
Like I said, I am usually trying to avoid doing work on the house, but I was definitely inspired. I showed Matt this blog on Thursday, and we were making a trip to Home Depot on Friday after work.

By Saturday night we were watching a movie in our newly painted room.

I am in LOVE with how it turned out! It looks super bright because I took these photos in the morning… but it brightens the entire space up! Since our wall didn’t have windows like the room on A Beautiful Mess, I decided to space my dots further apart. I also wanted to use metallic paint… it just sounded like fun. We did this wall in less than 24 hours. Here’s how.

1 gallon Glidden Marshmallow White  
1 quart of Ralph Lauren Metallic Antique Bullion 
1″ flat craft brush (like in this set)

Painted 2 coats of Marshmallow White over my goldenrod yellow wall. I painted the 1st coat Friday night and the 2nd coat Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, I was ready to paint my gold spots. 

Now, this was definitely risky — but I did the gold spots completely free form. 

I decided that life is too short to worry about little gold dots. I did a practice round on our decaying shed out back and just went for it. The key was using the bottom half of the brush and having a fresh dip of paint with every stroke. 

In hindsight, I probably only needed a “sample” size of metallic paint since the dots were single-coat and spaced apart. But I think we’ll find a fun way to use it up.

There are a few dots I might erase at some point… but I think it turned out pretty well! Don’t you think?

Now I’m searching for a new rug (the $20 Ikea rug is being retired to Matt’s office!) and some new pillows. 

Even though I typically avoid working on the house, I really enjoyed this project! I think it might have to do with living here for almost two years now and being ready for a change. Now I’m feeling confident and trying to think of ways to add a fun wall to our guest bedroom/my office…. any ideas? Have you ever painted a free form pattern or accent wall?