I’m really bad at blogs.

So…. i’ve successfully started and deleted 5 blogs in the last 12 months. 1 random wordpress blog, 1 joint blog with friends, 3 tumblr, I think that’s a little out of control. I’m hoping that a new fresh blogger account will be my inspiration…. Let’s see if i can stick with this one.

My main reason for deleting: i can’t keep a writing style that i like. Life is good and beautiful, and truly a gift from God… but my head is always a mess and i am too much of a multi tasker to keep a focused blog. Some days i’m serious and want to get my thoughts out on the table. Other days, i just want to post a photo and tell a funny story.

My main reason for wanting a blog: all the reasons i just listed above. So i guess this will just have to be an unfocused, messy, abstract, somewhat meandering blog.

So i guess the answer is, do it anyway.

The truth is, i just like to write. I’m not sure if i’m exceptionally gifted at it, but i like it for the storytelling. And that’s what i intend to do – story tell.

I’ve been really blessed in life to have a lot of cool experiences. Or at least i thought they were cool, and i’m thankful for that feeling of blessing and the stories i have as a result. Chances are i’ll reach into the vault from time to time and bring out a good story from the days of yore. I hope you find them entertaining, moving, or relatable.

I have a feeling that we’re all much more alike than life would like us to think.