Keeping Up With Current Events

If you HATE knowing what’s going on in the world, you HATE laughing and/or you HATE saving time, then please stop reading this post.

If you wish you knew more about what was happening with oil prices, Congress’ latest decisions, hostage situations, world health crisis, war, diplomatic discussions and so on, then I have a treat for you.

It’s called the Skimm. Every morning (before I wake up), there’s an email delivered with 1-2 paragraphs on 5-7 current events happening in the world. Today, they discusses the drop of the value of Russian money, a Taliban gunman attack in Pakistan, the latest on the Sony email leak & so on.

What you WON’T get is additional emails throughout the day or over the weekend (aka, SPAM) like other newsletter emails. It’s the best.

an example of today’s edition of the Skimm.

Knowing I can go to Italy for 10 days and either keep up by reading 1 email or catching up when I get back in 15 minutes or less, it’s a great feeling!

Seriously – if you travel often, have a demanding job, demanding kids, demanding social life, demanding family, or you’re just SICK of weeding through the crap to get the facts on recent stories – the Skimm is for you. It’s free, zero BS, and extremely clever. Men, women, college kids, SAHM’s, powerful executives, bloggers, musicians… this is for you.

I get nothing when you sign up for the Skimm, other than the satisfaction of knowing another friend is enjoying it as much as I am 🙂 Sign up HERE if you’re interested! 

Happy Skimm Day!

Do you read the Skimm? Are there other newsletters you subscribe to in order to keep up with current events? Comment below!