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Packing List for Summer in Maine

Maine is my new favorite place. FAVORITE. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. Here’s what I packed and it worked out really well. We went just after Memorial Day, which is the beginning of the summer kick of season. The mornings and evenings are cool, with cool to warm temps during the day. Layers were coming on and off constantly. Here are the heavy hitters on the packing list!

Two scarves. They were both lightweight and matched everything I brought with me. With the constantly changing temps they were crucial.

Hiking Clothes

One simply cannot visit Maine without hitting up Acadia National Park! And this time of year was amazing to be out hiking. Sunny but with a cool breeze. I brought a Dry Fit jacket and it spent the entire hike tied around my waist. However, other days that week it would have been necessary, so I’m glad it was in hand.

Tank Tops & Jackets
Transitional clothing, like lightweight jackets and tank tops paired so well for Maine’s ever changing summer weather. It would go from 55 to 75 in a few hours, and back down again as soon as the sun went behind a cloud. Heavy sweaters would have been too much half the time, so the tank/jacket combo was exactly what was on the menu. My jean jacket or Columbia jacket were with me at all times! (and if you’re looking for an all around amazing, lightweight but still warm, easy for travel or at home jacket – this Columbia jacket is the BEST. I get compliments constantly and absolutely love it.)

Cozy Hang Out Clothes

Sweatshirt and joggers was what I spent all of my free time in. My grey Nike hoodie is my favorite for cold hotel rooms and early morning coffee on a chilly porch. In my opinion, the most often forgotten item on a packing list is comfortable clothes to relax in the hotel or Airbnb.

Simple Bags
My bag of choice these days is a small saddle bag I got at a little shop in Greece last year. Since it’s not a brand, and was hand made buy this cute old guy, this is a similar bag. I realized that the smaller the bag, the less crap I put in it and all I really need is my phone, wallet, gum and a lip stick of some kind. I also love my Madewell leather backpack as a “personal item”. My little purse fits in perfectly with my laptop, book and a sweater for the plane. But also works great for longer days out or keeping a few things in the rental car. Plus it is pretty, and doesn’t look like I’m running late to 4th period English.

But really, who cares what you pack. You’re in MAINE! Just take the trip now. It’s the best. More on our amazing trip later.

Nike Terrycloth Crew Neck Sweatshirt  / Crossbody Bag  / Stripe Scarf  /High-Neck Swing Grey Tank  /Striped Tank  /ASOS Romper  /Suede Ankle Boots  /Denim Cutoffs  / Anthropologie Wildflower Scarf  /Columbia Lightweight Jacket  / Madewell – High-rise Black Skinny Jeans  / Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans  / Denim Jacket  / Pink Sunnies  /Nike Half Zip / Madewell The Transport Rucksack  / Black Wedge  / Black Nike Frees  / Layered Run Shorts Nike Athletic Top  / Pink Sports Bra  /Atheleta Yoga Pants  / Ruffle Sweater  / Striped Embellished Tee