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Save Money on Round Trip Flights by Booking One-Way’s Instead

When I started traveling (I was 15 going to visit my boyfriend ;), a one-way flight was a HUGE cost. I could never figure out why it wasn’t half of the cost of the flight. Now, with airlines like Southwest, Allegiant, and Frontier, it’s more common to pick your times and pick your price.

However, when traveling on larger airlines, I always like to check the one-way to round trip ratio – JUST incase.

I’m in a wedding in Seattle in April, and going out early for the bachelorette party. I’ll be flying April 10-20 and Matt will join me towards the end for the actual wedding. A few months ago when I looked, flights were around $250 round trip (GREAT for Seattle), but it was early out, so i waited.

Wrong. Move.

Round Trip Flights from Nashville to Seattle April 10-20

Checking in this week, flights were $405 MINIMUM for undesirable departure times or several layovers on the basics like Delta, American, United, etc. Woof. I know sometimes you don’t get everything you want, but it seems awful to overpay for no convenience?!

After checking Frontier, and seeing almost a $75 price difference ($330, much better!) – $150 there, $180 back – I thought I would see my options of booking two one-ways on the larger airlines, or perhaps only one Frontier flight (they’re kinda my least favorite. No water or anything!)

It takes an extra minute to search again, but it can be so worth it! Low and behold, there was major money to be saved.



That takes me $404.05 flight down to $262.02…. Saving me $142.40. Essentially paying for all of mine and half of Matt’s flight! I’ll take it! Or as a couple, we saved almost $300 on our trip. That’s quite a large chunk of money!

So next time you’re booking travel – just for kicks – try it out. It might save you some money, it might not. But it’s totally worth looking!

Have you ever booked two one-way flights instead of a round trip? Any tricks to saving money on airlines?


PS – I always book directly through the airline! But Expedia is a great way to see most of your major airlines in one spot. Once you’ve found a good price, head to the airline’s website to complete your booking. Prices are always the same, and if it’s not, call the airline! They’ll be happy to honor that price!