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This Week in Travel: Vol. 48

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Mad Cap Coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan
I spent last week in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a work trip. I’ve never been to Michigan before, and while I was pretty busy for the most part, we did get to enjoy a few local spots! MadCap Coffee has been on my list for years, since a few other coffee loving friends had mentioned how great it was. I brought a bag of beans home and am enjoying another cup of their perfectly roasted beans as we speak. I was also able to hit up Perrin Brewery, which had a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and really unique beer. I’d suggest doing a beer flight so you can try a few of their brews!

It was my first trip (other than driving two hours to Memphis for our Global Entry interview) since Costa Rica in November. I truly don’t think I’ve gone 3 months without traveling in the last 10 years at least… but more likely 12 or 13 years. After a nice, luxurious break, the next two months will definitely be crazy over here. We’ve got New York, London, Amsterdam, Panama City Beach, going home, having visitors, going to weddings, having another work photo shoot (locally, at least!) so it’s going to be a wild ride. 

I hope everyone has a great week and keep your eyes open for a few posts later this week!