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Valentine’s Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Travel

I’m not sure about you, but my choice gift is always experience over things. I’m not just saying this, I truly feel this way. Clothes go out of style. Jewelry is expensive. Flowers die.

…but your photos & memories from your awesome trip will last forever 🙂

Truth be told, if you’re still trying to figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day, it might be a bit late, so let’s talk about some alternatives.

Book a Trip (for a different weekend)
Quite frankly, traveling for Valentine’s Day can be pretty expensive. We actually chose to go to Charleston last weekend because the flights were half the price & there were many more hotel options.

Planning a trip for your significant other is SUCH a romantic gesture, they’ll love it. 
– To save money, choose a low density time to visit – the weekend before or after Memorial Day, or traveling mid-week to save money on flights. 
– To make it more of a “gift”, make a cute card or give a small gift as a token of the trip. You could wrap the plane ticket, find a print on Etsy that represents the location, or give sunscreen in preparation for a tropical getaway. Get creative!


Road Trip
Everyone lives within a few hours of another city. From Nashville, I’d suggest the Whisky Trail in Kentucky, a cabin in East TN, or Birmingham for a small city getaway. Pick somewhere you both love or maybe you’ve never been before. 


Ah, the art of the Staycation. The only rule of the Staycation is to treat it like you’re out of town. Turn off your phone, avoid your typical spots & forget about Netflix! There are so many options:
Book a hotel in your town. Whisk them away and have something special planned, like a nice dinner or a spa treatment.
Skip the hotel to save a few bucks, but make your home a hotel for the weekend. Turn off your phones, stock up on your favorite snacks and cook a meal together. Add a bottle or two of wine, and you’ve got yourself a great little weekend.
Plan on visiting places you’ve always wanted to go/do but never been. See a play, try a hike you’ve never done, visit a museum, whatever – play tourist in your own town. It can be really fun!

So if you’re looking for a last minute idea, skip the over priced roses or stuffed animal… give experiences. They’ll love it, I promise.