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Visit Canada’s National Parks for FREE in 2017!


I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with getting to Canada these days… it just seems like such a untouched treasure trove. Every picture I see is different from the last one. There are gorgeous snow capped mountains, crystal blue water, tons of wildlife, and millions and millions of miles of terrain. Canada is a little larger than the US, but with so many hidden gems. They have about 10% of the population we have down here, leaving lots of room for beautiful landscapes 🙂

When I read about the FREE Discovery Pass, I knew I had to sign up, even though we don’t officially have any trips planned up north.

This pass gives you free access to any of the Canadian National Parks for all of 2017! If you are a border state, I’d say it’s a no brainer for you. If you’ve even considered planning a trip to Canada in the near future, you should sign up, too! And even if you aren’t sure – you have nothing to lose. Just sign up and then you can see all THIS for FREE!

Banff National Park via
Jasper National Park via

The Bruce Peninsula National Park via

They’re offering the free pass as a part of their 150th Anniversary of becoming a country. I signed up for my free pass about a month ago, and it just came in the mail today.

I’ve wanted to visit Banff National Park and Lake Louise for years –  it just looks so incredibly beautiful. So maybe this is my excuse 😉

Get your free 2017 Discovery Pass here!