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Wanderlust Wednesday: Vegas (for real!)

I wrote on Vegas about a year ago, saying I wanted to go there.

Well guess what – I went in May! And it was just about as great as I thought it would be.

For starters, we had been invited to go months prior to the trip. We didn’t think it was affordable at the time, or worth taking days off of work.

The week before the trip, we changed our minds. So Sunday night at about 10pm, we booked flights leaving on Tuesday afternoon.

Oh nothing. Just going to Vegas.

The first question everyone asked – are you guys getting married?! We promised we weren’t (even though now, we ARE getting married! But not in Vegas and not until November). But we thought we needed a photo to fake everyone out…

Not just yet 🙂

Anyway, we had a great time. Let’s put Vegas into 4 categories: Sun, food, parties and entertainment


We stayed at a time share with friends, and this was the pool. It was gorgeous and refreshing and this is what we did for at least 5 hours a day. The best part about it? Dry humidity. A totally new concept to a Florida girl. 99 degrees that only felt like the high 70’s… amazing. And most of the hotel pools in Vegas are AMAZING! You can buy passes to go check them out if you’re interested.


Any kind you want. Any time of day you want it. There was a $3.99 Steak + Eggs special that our hotel ran… and it was only from 2am-5am. Perfect for the party-goer. Two of my favorite food experiences in Vegas involved sweets.

1 – The Sugar Factory
We landed on our plane and came straight here. They can make any of your dessert dreams come true. I got the S’mores Crepe and it was incredible. Actual little home made marshmallows. So delicious.


2 – RM Seafood (inside Mandalay Bay)
They had an ice cream taste test. They make 18 different ice creams out of anything and everything in their kitchen… and you get to guess which ones are which. It was so fun, and so delicious! We were wrong on a lot of them, but it was really cool to do.
The Vegas Crew – Amos, Carly, Matt, Alexa, Matt and myself
There are unlimited places in Vegas to drink, dance and enjoy yourself. I barely drank while i was there, but not to lack of options! We did go to a club inside one of the hotels (i can’t remember which one at the moment) 

We got into clubs for free by posting on Twitter that we were looking for clubs in Vegas. We also got wrist bands for free drinks! An easy way to save some money and check out some cool places


It depends on what kind of entertainment you want….. there are comedy shows, review shows, musical performances, Cirque (4 different ones!), casinos, plays/musicals, magicians and just about anything else you could think of.

Matt and I indulged (let’s be honest – he did this for me) in seeing Phantom of the Opera – i absolutely LOVE this musical, and this stage was built inside the Venetian specifically for Phantom! I’ve been told about it numerous times. When I found out the show was ending in September, we decided to scrap Cirque and go see Phantom. And i’m glad we did! Especially because that theater is being replaced with another Cirque du Soeil show. I can’t wait to go next time!
There are also more casinos than you can count. I played Blackjack but gave myself a $20 limit…. so i only played for about 10 minutes (hey, sometimes it works out better than that 🙂

Also very entertaining, is going inside all of the hotels/casinos. Especially the newer ones – City Center is amazing, and so is New York, New York! The Strip at night is so glittery. The entire place is sensory overload… but it’s awesome!
Those are just some extras from our Vegas adventure – which i’m sensing might become an annual trip.

What are your Vegas faves?