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What to Pack for a Cruise: Guide for Men

While cruises are casual, there are definitely formal dinners to think about… and Matt is not always as excited about packing nice clothing (he would live in shorts and flip flops if he could). 

To make things a little easier, I made him a little packing list, too.

Men's Cruise Packing List

Cruise packing list for men power play items:

  • One suit. He can drop the jacket on a more casual evening and sub in the cardigan.
  • Nice dark jeans. These can be worn on travel days and can also be mixed in for more casual dinners. 
  • Mix of board shorts & regular shorts. Guys are lucky. Their bathing suit works as a cover up and as regular clothing. 
  • A selection of shirts. These can be used as under shirts for dinner and being on island and on the ship. 
His suitcase will likely be lighter than mine, even thought my cruise packing list is super light!

Matt finally picked up a nice suit for a formal wedding we attended. The jacket works with jeans and the pants work alone or with a sweater. It’s been a really great investment…. from Forever 21. It was $50. The fit is right and he looks HOT! It will be a great piece for evenings on the cruise. Find some other options at the bottom of this post.

I’m so excited for this little trip! 

Suits Under $100

Suits Under $200