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Which Shoes Should I Pack?


We all love them. But they take up SO. MUCH. ROOM. in your suitcase. Packing less almost always starts with shoes, because unfortunately, they take up the most space (especially in winter). The research I’ve done, talking to others along with my own trial & error, I’ve found that 3 is the magic number. The trick is choosing shoes that serve multiple purposes. Which shoes should you bring on vacation? Here are some combinations I’ve found work for different occasions. We might not have the exact same style, but use this as a jumping off point and adjust for your own needs & preferences! Let’s talk about how to pack less shoes when you travel.
When it’s cold out, the last thing you want is freezing feet! However, you still want to maximize space whenever possible!

Power Players for Winter Shoes
Sleek boots can go from the office, to a party, to brunch. Choose a neutral color (black or cognac) that will go with almost everything!

Beautiful flats are definitely your friend. While they aren’t going to be heavy enough for somewhere like Montana, they will work in most places! I am really lusting over Tieks lately, because they lay flat and can fold up into a purse. Perfect for city travel, when walking kills your feet! Does anyone have a pair they can tell me about?
While sandals and flats don’t take as much room, there’s still no reason to overpack in the shoe department. 

Power Players for Summer Shoes
Beautiful sandals, rather than flip flops, can cover you in several situations – you can run around town in them, take them to the beach, go to a casual dinner & more. They’re not appropriate for a business meeting, but that might be your only place! Once again, neutral flats will take care of a situation like the office or a nicer occasion. Unless you’re a true heel girl, you can always sub in beautiful flats for things like work or weddings. Wear what makes you comfortable & feel great!

REMEMBER – leopard print is considered a neutral! Neutral doesn’t have to be boring 😉

Don’t let this be you!
Minimal Sneakers
I waited to pick up a pair on sale at DSW ($30 for last seasons minimal Nike’s!), and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. They flatten easily & are half the size of my Brooks running shoes. 

Packable Flats
Like the Tieks in the photos above. I really want them! Then you aren’t worried about your suede flats losing shape (I’m sure I’m not the only one).

Wear Your Largest Shoe
This might go without saying, but wearing your riding boots when you travel can be really helpful. If you’re in a backpacking situation (or when we visited 4 cities in italy over 2 weeks) and are in transit multiple times for your trip, you might want to consider only bringing that ONE pair and perhaps a 2nd pair. I ended up only wearing my larger boots because I didn’t want to shove them in my bag. Looking back, I should have left my 2nd pair at home.

Don’t Bring Doubles
Please PLEASE don’t. There’s no need! Two pairs of neutral flats… Why? Two pairs of heels when you have 1 formal occasion? Think practically. And remember, if you don’t wear it at home (or they aren’t broken in!!!!!), you won’t wear it on the road.

You can avoid this!!!
Shoe addicts… I know this sounds like a deal breaker for you… but I know you can do it! 🙂

What do you tend to overpack?