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Being In Two Places At Once (and how to pull it off)

Disclaimer: I know I’m crazy.

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to be at two weddings on the same day. Wedding #1 was in Washington, DC and Wedding #2 was in Wichita, KS. It’s kind of like the opening scene of 27 Dresses on crack.

Quite literally half way across the country.

Unfortunately, both of these weddings were non-negotiable. One was my cousin and one was one of my best friends (for the last 12+ years). Wedding #1 was at 11am and Wedding #2 was at 6pm.  It seemed pretty impossible, but with some careful planning, we made it happen. The truth is, I didn’t feel any more stressed on this trip because I typically plan ahead and pay attention to details…. so this trip just happened to be the time it all paid off. If you’re just as crazy as I am, here’s some guidance if you need to be in two places at once.

#1 – Make peace with missing a few things
I missed Wedding #2’s rehearsal dinner and had to leave Reception #1 early. You can’t have it all, so prepare yourself (and your host) that you’ll miss out on a few things.

#2 – Use what you have to make it work
I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that Wichita is not a bustling metropolis with endless flight options. We had exactly 1 option to fly there in time for the wedding. Leaving DC at 2.15pm, layover in Chicago, landing in Wichita at 5.35pm. If everything went as scheduled, this would give me 25 minutes to get from the airport, change into my bridesmaids dress, and be there in time to walk down the aisle. Oh, did I not mention I was a bridesmaid in W#2? It might not have been ideal, but it worked! For this trip we booked 3 separate One Way flights and it was most definitely the cheapest and most convenient. More on that, here.

#3 – Overplan everything
Map out everything – how you’re getting to/from the airport? Who is calling the cab? How long will it take you to get there? Then double check/build in back up. It takes 45 minutes to drive there and 20 minutes to go through security, but bump that to 1hour and 30 minutes. Have a 2nd cab number ready to go if your first one doesn’t show up. You’ll be thanking yourself later.

#4 – Pack as lightly as possible
I cannot stress this enough. This sounds like common sense, but for something like this you should definitely be carrying on. And to take it a step further, avoid the roller board bag. Often times, airlines will make you gate check (for free) larger carry ons, and you’re left waiting for your bad. Time is money in this situation. For the 3 day weekend I brought a 28L backpack and a purse. This allowed me to shove the backpack in EVERY overhead bin and I never had to wait on an airline. I also used packing cubes to organize each day. I have been using them for the last couple of years and I can’t tell you how amazing they are! Stick to the basics and double up as much as you can. 1 pair of jeans with a few different tops, one pair of casual flats that go with everything, etc. This will save you so much stress.

#5 – A small emergency kit is your best friend
Cash, Advil, touch up make up, bandaids, stain remover stick, granola bar, and a few bobby pins…. those are what saved me, anyway. When you’re planning your weekend, think of all the things that could go wrong (like blisters or needing a tip for the cab) and decide what you could need in an emergency. You won’t have time to go to CVS.

Was it worth it? Hell yes. I got to see most of my family & some of my best friends in 48 hours. I highly suggest it to anyone. The risk is worth the reward! Have you ever been to two weddings in one day? Would you ever? Do you think I’m insane? 🙂

Wedding in DC

Wedding in Wichita