for the (music) lovers…

When I moved to Nashville, the thing that changed the most was my accessibility to music. Love ya, Fort Myers – but you always made me drive to Orlando for shows!

The other thing that changed is how many talented people I’m surrounded by. I have so many friends who can play instruments, sing, write songs or some combination of the above. I tried to write songs once… it was awful. I can play the flute (at least I could in 8th grade) and I love me some karaoke, but that’s about as ‘good’ at music as I get… it’s best left to the professionals.

I have a friend named Amy who is super talented. She plays multiple instruments, sings beautifully, and writes all of her own stuff… and some of other people’s stuff. She’s got a solo project and a sweet side project (band)…. and she manages to co-own a design firm called Milkglass Creative (they literally have the coolest office).

Her name is Amy Stroup, and her record, TUNNEL comes out today. If you’re not excited, you should be. Here’s a little preview:

recognize anyone in there?

You might have heard some of Amy’s stuff on Pretty Little Liars or Grey’s Anatomy, but this album really mixes it up!

If you like Tegan and Sara and other music i would consider SUPER FUN, check out “Finally Found Our Way”.

Need a song for your First Dance at your wedding? Check out “Say You Won’t” (the strings! so pretty). Or at least just PROMISE you won’t have Butterfly Kisses anywhere in that mix. Pinky swear?

Hosting a dance party anytime soon? “Falling” should be your go-to. Followed by “Back Burner” (grab a tambourine – you’ll need it).

And with a strong finish…. “Dark Runs Out” has some of the best lyrics. There’s something magical about the last song being the longest, and being kind of dreamy…. and Dark Runs Out NAILS it. Gets me every time!

I could describe the entire album to you, but I honestly think you should check it out for yourself!

All the songs can be found at this link or by a search on iTunes. Or if you feel so inclined, tell Amy which song is YOUR favorite, perhaps in haiku form? 🙂

Any other albums I should check out? #NewMusicTuesday is probably my favorite day of the week.


Ps – other awesome music.