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Girly Home Office

As of a few months ago, the job I loved so much at Rhetorik was no longer available for me. My friends and co-workers were moving in different directions, and as I was SO HAPPY for them, I was so sad to leave this little office and company I’ve found so endearing.

But change is life, and it’s usually for the best.

I dabbled over what to do with my newfound free time, and wasn’t sure if I should find a job or freelance? Were there cool start ups out there? Was I destined for a trousers and a 9-5? Was freelancing an option for me? It’s such an interesting place to be at. And my interesting, I mean overwhelming 🙂

I interviewed at a few companies, but was offered some freelance work by a few different friends, and took them up on it.

Turns out, it works for me. So as of a week ago, I officially am doing Freelance PR, Social Media, Copywriting, Marketing and Producing. Exciting!

With this development, it gives me the need for a home office. Since Matt already works from home and is occupying one room as an office, I get a corner of the guest room (which totally works for me!).

It’s this cute little nook with great natural light (a major perk!) with a desk already built in. It has all these shelves above the desk and next to it, but I’m going to take some of them out.

obviously these are high quality iPhone shots 😉

Right now, the “nook” (as I call it), has been a serious catch-all during the remodel process we are going through. It has serious potential but is pretty blah right now! Luckily, we are (FINGERS CROSSED) a few weeks out from being all done with that, so these random items will have a home…. and the Nook will be my little work corner!

Here’s what I’m kind of envisioning.

– Less of the shelves/add a few drawers for hidden storage
– Pretty little details
– A better light (i hate that lamp!)
– Simple, well used decor

Here is some of my inspiration I’ve been found on Pinterest

Love the two shelves and the pin board next to it. Simple, but fills the space nicely.
via The Everygirl
Love these colors. Neutrals with some gold. Also love the plant on the side of the desk! Which leads me to….
via The Everygirl

I love the storage aspect here – two drawers and two cubbies – perfect! Aiming for something practical like this.
Photo via In Honor of Design
Succulents for my windowsill! Indoor plants make me happy. And succulents are hard(er) to kill.
via Pinterest

gold details. Love all of these so much!
Mini Geodesic Table Lamp via West Elm. Dream a Little Bigger print via Counter Co. Desk styling via The Everygirl.

Green accents to go with my succulents, and keep with the neutral pallet. 
candle via Anthropologie. Large teardrop vase via Pinterest.

I’m excited for this project and a space to call my own. I’m also thankful for a handy husband who can actually help me create the kind of space I want! I’m pretty dang lucky.

Any input? Any suggestions of decor that might accent this space? I’m all ears!