Free and Almost Free Music!

i LOVE music. Let’s talk about it. Anytime.
For some reason over the past few days i’ve found out about
a bunch of free or inexpensive albums or shows.
And as much as i love music… i ALSO love a good deal. So i’m in heaven & felt compelled to share!
#1 – NoiseTrade
A great friend of mine just happens to be a fantastic musician… in an amazing band.
They’re amazing. If you like the indie folkey stuff… you’ll be in love. If you just like music,
you’ll be in love. And the best part? Their album is currently FREE (yes i said it – FREE) on NoiseTrade.

If you decide you’d like to pay them for their awesomeoness, you can do that too
(Noisetrade gives you the option, which is killer!)
Download it here.
They’re also offering the new Jars of Clay album for FREE (yes again, free).
but i believe it is for a limited time, so get on that here.
NoiseTrade is just an awesome way to check out and support artists.
Some others you might like are the Carey Brothers, Civil Wars, Josh Rouse and Ben Rector.
#2 – TicketFly.com
I got an email from LiveNation telling me that Fitz and the Tantrums were coming to Orlando – yay!
Turns out it’s this Sunday, and i’ll be in Chicago – bummer.
BUT i need to share the news that they are playing at The Social in Downtown Orlando, and giving
2 for 1 tickets. YES THAT’S RIGHT – $18 for 2 tickets to the show! You honestly cannot beat that.
So if you live anywhere in FL… i’m guessing it’s worth your time to get to Orlando this weekend.
But get to TicketFly first to get your awesome 2 for 1 tickets!!!
#3 – iTunes

I know, i know. You probably think i’m crazy right now. But every week, Starbucks has these
little cards that say “Song of the Week”, where you punch in a code and get a free song.
Once i got one that was an entire “Summer Playlist” – and it was awesome. 
But what most people don’t realize, is there is this handy little button in the iTunes store
 that says “Free on iTunes” – that takes you right there. 
It offers a song or two, a music video, sometimes a behind the scenes thing… you just never know!
Plus they update it every Tuesday, so you can find some pretty cool bands on there from time to time. 
The other thing is the “sale” items in iTunes. Sometimes it’s 60’s music, sometimes it’s One Hit Wonders,
but this week, it’s the jackpot: Alternative/Rock Albums for $7.99 or less
We’re talking Mumford & Sons. Kings of Leon. Modest Mouse. 4 different Coldplay albums. Bon Iver. Phoenix. Broken Bells. Raiohead. Manchester Orchestra. MGMT. Young the Giant. Joy Formidable. Foo Fighers. Mat Kearney. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Black Keys. Death Cab. Wilco….. 
…….need i say more?
Most of these albums started at $14.99, and most of them are pretty recent. So i’d take this deal while it lasts!
#4 – Amazon.com
I have a few friends who swear by Amazon music, but i’ve never really done it myself. I’m also skeptical, because Amazon ran a $1 special a few months ago that resulted in bad 80’s covers, foreign heavy metal, and nothing at all i’d ever listen to. But today  i read something about $5 music…. so i figured i’d give it a shot.
What i found was the 100 Albums for $5 page! What a gem.
Some of the albums are She+Him, Drake (getting that!!!!), Katy Perry, the Swell Season, Ellie Goulding and Cold War Kids. Also, if you’ve got different taste than i do, they also had Jimmy Buffet, Rage Against the Machine, and Tim McGraw. So i think there is something for everyone! The important thing was that I recognized most of the artists… so it’s probably worth your time to check it out HERE!
#5 – Spotify
Have you tried Spotify yet? If not, just give me a shout and i’ll send you an invite.
The great thing about Spotify (let me clarify – i have the free version) is that you can listen to full albums, rather than the 30 second preview, so you know if you like it or not. For example, i just listened to the new James Morrison before i jumped right in. Which i think is a pretty great option. PLUS they are always showcasing new albums that have been added. So you’ll always be kept in the loop.
With Free Spotify, you can’t download songs. I’ve heard rumors that you can download
with the upgraded version, but i’m not too sure how that works.

However – you can have Spotify on computers, your phone, or iPod touch – and take playlists on the go.
So who needs to download anyway?

This was kind of like Extreme Couponing…. for Music. 
Be Amazed. And enjoy!


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  1. thanks to this, i just bought the Head and the Heart, Fleet Foxes, Bass Nectar, and the 50 Greatest Classical Songs albums from iTunes sale store. lol 🙂

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