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I’m grounded for almost a month.

Not like, “I got in trouble and now I can’t go to Homecoming”, grounded. 

The kind of grounded where I’m not getting on an airplane for a while 🙂 After being gone for 2 solid months, it’s a welcome break. Because after all, one of my favorite parts of traveling is coming back home at the end!

In an effort to embrace my down time, I’ve decided to Tour My Own Town. Try new things, hang out at places I haven’t frequented in a while, make lots of plans with friends, and mostly – maximize the time I spend on my relaxing front porch.

Pour your cup of coffee and let’s go
Here are some Nashville-y things I’d like to do while I’m home.

Hit up Arrington Vineyards
A view from the winery. Wait until all of those leaves change!
My favorite. Pouring a glass at home isn’t too bad either…
I’ve already been out once to pick up my quarterly portion of wine (best decision I ever made!) but the weather is so fantastic, I’d love to go again. We play cards, bring a picnic, and enjoy the sunshine & the changing foliage…. YAY!

Work the Coffee Circuit
We have so many great coffee shops here, I’d love to make my rounds. 
8th & Roast
Pinewood Social (they serve Crema Coffee!)
I already went to Frothy Monkey a couple of days ago, but definitely need to hit up 8th & Roast, Crema & try out Woodbine Coffee Co. Has anyone been there yet?

Go to a Local Show

My friends band, Neulore, is playing their CD release show this Sunday. I can’t freaking wait.

Try New Restaurants
The Sutler just opened down the street from our house, and I’ve heard good things about Espice & Flipside in 12th South. Anyone been there yet?

Also, I’m probably the worst vegetarian ever…. because I’ve never been to the Wild Cow in East Nash. If i’m over that way, I just really want to eat at Silly Goose because it’s my favorite!!! But I really want to see what Wild Cow is like.

Seasonal Brews
We have two local breweries in town & some fun places that serve craft beers on tap. I like beer, but really only when it’s draft. Craft Brewed  is down the street, AND they have a patio. Sold. I know Jackalope Brewery & Yazoo Brewery make seasonal brews, too. Does anyone know which restaurants carries them on draft?

Host Friends
Some of the Nashville favorites. 
I’ve missed these friends of mine! Really excited to host brunch for some of our favorite people soon. I’ve been dreaming up all sorts of delicious brunch fare & I’m really excited to use my home made infused liquors for Bloody Mary’s! Does anyone have a good recipe?

All in all, it feels really great to be home & in the swing of things. Sometimes being grounded is nice, eh? Am I missing anything, Nashvillians? Any other city folks interested in #TourYourOwnTown? 

While I’m enjoying Nash, here are the trips I’ll be prepping for in October & November:

10 Nights in Italy
4 Nights in Chicago
4 Night Cruise

Stay tuned for packing guides!