New Thing Poppin’

In 1999, Nae Nae was my nickname (some people still keep the dream alive).

In 2014, Nae Nae is something to be dropped.

What’s even crazier is I dance just like these guys??!? 🙂

I guess this is how Dougie felt. What an honor!

What’s great about this dance is that you really get to do whatever you want…. as long as you do the little fist pump at the end. FREE STYLE AT IT’S FINEST.

This is probably a good time to mention that I was on a Step Team in 10th grade. I’m sure this was inspired by some of my fantastic moves.

The truth is I have no idea what they’re talking about. Let’s hope it’s not insanely offensive.


Thanks, Ash, for sending this my way 🙂


If you are itching for more, you can see Part II & Part III.

PPS – How to do the NaeNae if you’d like to work on your skills.

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