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Packing List for Charleston

We leave for Charleston in a WEEK!

So far my list of places to eat & drink is long… and growing. Poogan’s Porch, Cru Cafe, The Black Tap, Fig, Collective Coffee & more…. any I’m missing?

Today, the weather in Nashville got HOT all of a sudden. I’m definitely not complaining, I was just surprised. Mid 60’s after weather below freezing for weeks. It made me think – will it be warm in Charleston?

Turns out it will be pretty mild while we’re there. Days in the 50’s and nights in the high 30’s. It’s making me believe I don’t need to pack a real coat… but I’m probably just lying to myself 🙂

So here’s the packing list so far. 

Spring in Charleston


  • The long black maxi. The one I own is actually a convertible dress that can be worn 5 ways. Full disclosure, I only wear it 2 ways because I don’t feel confident it looks right as a skirt on me, but that’s ok – it’s still been a great piece. It’s really thick cotton so it regulates temperature well. It’s also great because the material is nice enough for dinner, but casual enough for the beach. 
  • Lightweight tops. I’m planning to bring two light weight tops that can be worn together as layers or separately for different looks.
  • Chunky cardigan. With sunny days in the 50’s, I’m unlikely to need a full coat during the day. However, i’m sure there will be shade at times and cold restaurants as always, so a cozy knit is just the trick.
  • Blazer. Instantly dresses up any part of this mix. Even the striped top with jeans and heels will look polished with a blazer. I know southern folk can be proper, so I don’t want to be sloppy.
I’m not completely sure of our itinerary, so I have a mix of causal and slightly nicer pieces that can be mixed and matched. I’ll also throw a pair of nude tights in my bag to wear under the pink or white dresses at night. It’s our Valentine’s Day, so I want to have some fun dinner dresses, right? I admit, for a 3 day, 3 night trip, this might be a slight overpack. Looking at it now, I also might swap one dress out for another top (mix it up, travel days, etc). 

Have you ever been to Charleston for a weekend in the Spring? Send me your tips!