So Far So Good – 2011

I just thought back to the beginning of the year, when i wrote a blog on my New Years Resolutions. I thought it’d be good to see how i’m doing so far…

This year (2011) i’m trying to ignore the fact that it’s a new year, and just get on with the things i resolve to do. They include but are not limited to:
– travel somewhere every month (this can be in state, in the country, or in the world)
– blog more (my goal within my goal is once a week… It’s January 19th, so i’m kind of already behind on this must.not.psych.self.out)
– successfully complete my Project 365 (i’ve got a lot of accountability on this one)
– stop biting my stupid fingernails
– build up my portfolio at work…. and land new clients
– keep up with the crafting (check out my store at avecamourpaper.etsy.com 🙂
– learn to fly! (hey, you gotta aim high sometimes)

 #1 – Travel:

This isn’t a hard one for me. Comes almost as naturally as breathing or eating. So i shouldn’t have worried too much about that.

I’ve visited only 1 country (England) and 5 states (Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, Tennessee, Kansas) driven thousands of miles on my 2 road trips, and been all over the state. Mission accomplished. Upcoming trips: Chicago, New York. Hopefully Savannah and St Augustine somewhere in there…

It’s kind of like writing things on your to do list that you know you will definitely do, like “make dinner”, just so you KNOW you’ll have something to cross off (nobody else does that? just me?)

#2 – Blog More:

Well, we all know the truth here. I have blogged more, but haven’t quite stuck to 1 per week. I’ll keep working on it.

#3 – Complete Project 365:

This i am happy to report is in full swing! I love this project. I really think i’ll miss it next year (i guess i could go for round 2…) – if we’re friends on Facebook, feel free to check out Part I here and Part II here.

#4 – Stupid fingernails:

Essie Fall Collection – Love.

As my nail polish collection grows, my nails get longer and stronger! I’ve found that keep polish on them stops me from biting. It’s a pretty great method, and i highly recommend having to-go nail polish remover and spare polish around if you’re trying this method!

#5 – Build up work portfolio/land new clients:

Done and done. Work has become amazingly enjoyable, and i love every single one of my clients. Seeing them in the paper multiple times in a week has been a great experience, and it’s even better to hear someone ask who they are working with… because they love what’s being done! It’s been a pretty awesome year.

#6 – Keeping up with crafting:

My focus has changed a little… but i’ve jumped into design a little and i’m enjoying it. I guess as long as i’m creating something, i’m a happy girl.

#7 – Learning to Fly:

Other than the Lady A cover of the song, i’ve got nothin. But i think i’ll keep working on that one…

until next time. xo.