DIY Decor

Since a new apartment is around the corner
(hopefully signing the lease at the end of this week!!! yay!!!),
i am just dying to redecorate.

Our living room is going to be black and white with accents of dark purple, maybe some grey.
Our kitchen doesn’t have a lot of wall space – but will have a vino theme to it. Greens, redish-purples.
My bedroom will now be primarily yellow and grey – i’ve decided the dark purple wall (RIP) would be such a pain in the butt to paint back… i’m just not sure i can commit to it.

 So after many hours on Pinterest, and seeing Cait with Pretty&Fun post her upcoming decor inspiration, i decided i’d follow suit. Here are some of the craft projects i’m cooking up!

Redecorated Tray
this isn’t the pattern i’m using. BUT, i found a plain unstained wood tray,

which i have spray painted white, and will be adding a black&white patterned paper to.
We’ll be adding purple accents, and this will go on the coffee table in the living room.

Jewelry Organizer
A few old frames. Some paint. A staple gun, and chicken wire. And perhaps a few hooks at the bottom.
I’m making one for myself, and one for each of my roommates!
Old Frame + Chalkboard + Corkboard
Mine won’t look like this…. but it was my inspiration! I took an old frame, and used chalkboard paint, scrapbook paper, and a cork board. You’ll see 🙂 This will either go in the kitchen or hall by the laundry room.

Those are just a few of the DIY projects i’ve got going so far…. i’ll post pictures once they’re done!

Also – i’ve got options for bedroom furniture.
This is what my comforter looks like. And the color scheme of my life, basically.

I also have a lot of yellow accents – cabinet, mirror, end table etc.
I have dark grey sheets.
And deciding on which grey to use for the walls.
(i’m thinking the 3rd grey for all walls, w/ an accent wall of somewhere between the 1st & 2nd. thoughts?)

Now my question in – white furniture (antiqued) or black furniture?
I feel like it could go either way… but that the white might pop more next to the grey walls.

Any other recommendations?

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  1. i LOVE old windows and everyone has great projects with them. but i'm very concerned about the lead paint. most things painted before '78 contain lead. what do u do?

  2. We always paint over it rather than scraping it off. Our house is 95 years old and so the entire thing is lead paint ha! So for the windows and small projects like that, i just use spray paint. It's quicker and very safe! 🙂

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