holiday - New Years

The Resolution Revolution

To Resolve. Seems a bit daunting, doesn’t it? There’s something about the term “New Year’s Revolutions” that i’ve never liked. I’m all for betterment of self, making changes, and getting a clean slate. However, i just don’t think that the new year makes me what to instantly do all of those things.
To Resolve: to come to a definite decision about (to do something)
Resolution: a resolve or determination
Revolution: to turn around; a fundamental change.
When i was 15, i decided i drank too much soda. Specifically, Wild Cherry Pepsi. At 11:59, December 31, 2001, i took my last sip of Wild Cherry Pepsi and announced my New Years Resolution – not to drink anything carbonated for a year. I developed a love for water with lemon. On January 1, 2003, at 12:01am, i tried to chug a Wild Cherry Pepsi… i ended up taking a few sips and quickly decided it was too sweet. I was thrilled – i no longer needed soda!
New Years Resolution 2002, SUCCESS. NYR pre/post 2002? No idea.
I never really picked resolutions i was super crazy about. Maybe there’s a lot of pressure behind the hype, i mean, you gotta have a good resolution, right? It’s a new year…. not the beginning of a new universe. I think of these outrageous ideas (i’ll go to every state! save $10,000! teach myself to fly!) and almost definitely fall immediately.
This year (2010) i just gradually picked things in my life that i wanted to resolve to do differently. None of these changes would win awards, have to do with weight, and most likely, you had no idea i was even making any changes in my life. But you know what? i feel like a whole new person! Reborn! So fresh, so clean! 
Methods of The New and Improved Renee:
– doing at least 1 load of laundry per week (old Renee method: wait until i have no clothes, then spend 48 solid hours washing, drying, folding, and hanging) 
– do my make up at HOME in front of the mirror (old Renee method: i’ve done my makeup in the car, on the bus/train, or possibly in the bathroom at work/school my entire life.)
– pick out my clothes the night before (old Renee: stands in front of empty closet, because no clothes are clean, trying to put together an outfit for 20 minutes…. resulting in not having time to do make up at home. Starting to see how these tie in together?)
Like i said, nothing mind blowing. But! I have to tell you, after doing each of these for 1 week, the habit stuck. Now i’ve kind of become obsessive compulsive about having laundry in my bin…. resulting in multiple loads of laundry per week.
This year (2011) i’m trying to ignore the fact that it’s a new year, and just get on with the things i resolve to do. They include but are not limited to:
– travel somewhere every month (this can be in state, in the country, or in the world)
– blog more (my goal within my goal is once a week… It’s January 19th, so i’m kind of already behind on this must.not.psych.self.out)
– successfully complete my Project 365 (i’ve got a lot of accountability on this one)
– stop biting my stupid fingernails
– build up my portfolio at work…. and land new clients
– keep up with the crafting (check out my store at 🙂
– learn to fly! (hey, you gotta aim high sometimes)
I don’t care what month it is… if you need to resolve, have a resolution, or start the revolution… go for it. Otherwise, enjoy your unresolved January, and don’t feel bad about it 🙂