These are a few of my favorite…..


If you’ve met me even once… chances are i’ve talked about some kind of music. I can safely say i’ve appreciated every kind of music, from screamo to classical, in some moment, song, or movement.

It’s safe to say my screamo days are over (gotta love some old underOATH) and i’m not tuning into Gator Country 101.9 most of the time, but the rest all falls somewhere in the middle.

There is something about music that just gets me. Or maybe, i get about it. I’m not sure exactly what it is that draws me to certain songs…. but i just freaking love music. It is really really hard for me to narrow down “favorite” bands… this is something i feel will always evolve as time goes on, but i’d have to say these are the artists that i’ve decided have withstood the test of time, and are still listened to most days of my life. I’ll try my best to narrow down albums and songs, too 🙂

Counting Crows

Part of it might be nostalgia (memories of turning up “Mr Jones” WAYYYY too loud with my dad), but this band was a favorite when i was 7… and they’re still a favorite. August and Everything After is hands down one of my favorite albums of all time. That being said, i’d like to switch my answer to say Films About Ghosts is also amazing… which includes most of my favorite songs from August but also includes Colorblind and A Long December…. two songs i’ve always loved. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Anna Begins might be my favorite of theirs…. pretty safe. Like i said, it’s hard for me to play favorites. But Counting Crows are a legit band…. they’ve kind of got a song for any mood you might be in. Maybe that’s why i love them so much 🙂
(Top Picks: Anna Begins, Mr Jones, Round Here, Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby, A Long Decemeber, Colorblind, Holiday in Spain, Time and Time Again).


First of all – RIP Copeland… For there is nothing more upsetting than finding out a band you love is breaking up. I was lucky enough to see Copeland 3 or 4 times in the past 7 years, and i’m very thankful for that! I don’t know if it’s the minor, eerie tones, or what exactly it is, but i love Copeland. I still remember the first time i heard “California”, and how i’ve physically been forced to listen to every Copeland album… because i was always afraid i wouldnt like it as much as the one before it. Boy was i wrong… they always brought a winner. Eat, Sleep, Repeat has probably been listened to the most, but it’s a close call with Beneath the Medicine Tree. Both quality albums by an amazing band! (if you’re itchin for some more Copeland… check out a band called States! 2 Copeland guys + a girl from Lydia = awesome)
(Top Picks: When Finally Set Free, California, Eat Sleep Repeat, The Last Time He Saw Dorie, She Changes Your Mind, Love Affair, You Have My Attention, The Grey Man, The Suitcase Song)

Jimmy Eat World

Probably safe to say that Jimmy Eat World is my favorite band. I’ve had a few so called favorite bands before… but i’ve loved Jimmy since my friend burned me a copy of Clarity when we were in 9th grade. That’s 10 solid years ago. And i’ve listened to at least one of their albums most days since 9th grade. It makes me really sad to think that i’ve never seen Jimmy Eat World live… i’ve attempted to go to 4 shows – and never successfully made it to see them. It’s a pretty big bummer. Futures is probably the album i’ve listened to the most, and “23” is my favorite song (not just from Jimmy – of all time). There’s something about every single album that i love… they’re a great band. Top Picks: 23, Ten, Praise Chorus, Cut, Kill, Work, Night Drive, Lucky Denver Mint, Goodnight Sky Harbour, Disintigration.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface on my love for music… but it’s a decent start 🙂

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