This Week In Travel

This Week in Travel Vol.19

There are so many travel blogs & publications I read on a daily basis! Wanted to share some of my favorite links, articles, info graphics and tips from around the web this week.

Hello again! Apologies for the blogging hiatus – was in San Antonio (home of the Alamo!) for most of last week and ended up playing catch up for the rest of the week. Such is, I suppose.

San Antonio was so cute! We spent the majority of the time scouting for an upcoming photo shoot, but we were able to dine on the Riverwalk two nights and enjoy a couple of local coffee shops, which I’ll share at a later time. I’d highly suggest it for a weekend getaway.

The paper chain has been created, and we’re officially in the countdown mode to New Zealand! Starting to prepare our gear, think about what we’re going to pack, and tie up loose ends. We’re in the home stretch and I’m SO EXCITED!

In other amazing news, Spring Ahead has changed the game for me, and I feel like the days are 30 hours long. I LOVE IT! I really hope America changes its mind before fall and we never have to fall behind again. 4.30pm sunsets are just about the most depressing thing ever. What are you doing with your extra hour?

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and is loving the switch to Spring!

PS – Now that the weather & post office have gone back to normal, all my Wednesday winners will have their goodies SOON! And I’ll host one more giveaway since this week was a bust! Stay tuned 🙂