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This Week in Travel: Vol. 47

my succulents plots planted at the end of my sidewalk (they come back every spring like magic!)
Has Spring sprung for you? We have had an unseasonably warm winter (I’m not complaining!) and all of the trees are starting to bloom – in February – which is so early! I spent the weekend doing some much needed yard work and hanging out with friends. Last week was so much fun – we had plans every night Monday-Saturday, and it felt like a week long Valentine’s Day spent with so many fun friends! Not to mention lots of delicious food. We chilled hard last night and it was awesome. 

Next week I’m going on a work trip – my first trip since Thanksgiving! A record, 3 whole months since I’ve been on a plane. I’ll get to test out my new neck pillow & eye mask, and I’m pumped! We are heading to Grand Rapids, MI. It’s a quick trip (only 2 nights) but I’d love any dinner recommendations. We are staying on the north side of Downtown Grand Rapids.

Since we are self employed, there’s no such thing as President’s Day off for us, so if you are enjoying a day off, I’m jealous! Hope you’re doing something awesome. 

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  1. The Magnificent Mile isn't on the list of tourist traps worth visiting BUT I always tell people it's worth walking up and down Michigan Ave. It doesn't have the best food but the lake views are worth it.

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