This Week In Travel

This Week in Travel: Vol. 46

  • Yikes! No cell phones on planes, please. 
  • 25 Travel Hacks to save you money this year.
  • A 200 year history of hotels & how they have changed (I thought this was so interesting!)
  • Guess where they found over $400k worth of smuggled drugs on an airplane?
  • Unfortunately, these are all myths. 5 common misconceptions about air travel rights.
  • This Mexican beach looks amazing!
  • A hilarious in-flight item for toddlers. Worth a shot, I think!
  • Cruises and the younger generation.
  • A change to American Airlines planes, but chances are you won’t really notice. 
  • Peanut allergy vs. airlines. I once sat next to a man who had such a sever allergy, they did not serve nuts on the flight because the dust may throw him into anaphylactic shock! I made him show me where he kept his EpiPen… just incase! (it ended up being fine)
Since it came in the mail about 2 weeks ago, I’ve been listening to La La Land on Vinyl constantly. Well, I was listening to it on vinyl – until we started the construction on our living room. Construction on that room means losing access to not only the living room, but the den (where the record player, tv, couch and most of my plants are) plus, the front door. So for now, we’re walking around the house 🙂 BUT I’m very excited about the new lighting & paint colors we’re doing. I’ve wanted to do this update for about 3 years – so it’s been a long time coming! As with most home updates, we’re doing everything ourselves, so it will be a slower process than if we had a contractor, since we have full time jobs & other activities going on. Oh, and when I say “we”, know that means Matt is doing 98% of the work and I’ll be helping with some trim painting when the time comes 🙂 

Anyway – back to La La Land. Did you see the movie? Did you love it? I also loved the Golden Globes opening number inspired by the movie. I’m looking forward to our friend’s annual Oscar party to see how many little gold statues they take home. I should also note, the silver lining of buying the vinyl was that it came with a free digital download. so my record player being confined isn’t keeping me from this soundtrack!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Cheers to a great one!

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