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Wanderlust Wednesday: 2015 Travel Bucket List

I’ve always got the next trip on the brain. While we don’t *officially* have anything booked for 2015, I’m already dreaming up where we’ll go next (Poor Matt… but hey, he knew this about me when he married me!!!). Here are the places I’m wanderlusting after for 2015.

New Zealand
Full disclosure – this trip is practically booked. Thanks to my husband’s former life in touring & some built up American miles… we’re scoring this trip for next to nothing. While normal AA reward flights aren’t worth the miles you put up, they’re surprisingly affordable to NZ. Not to mention the low amount of taxes (less than $100 per person) makes this a no brainer. PLUS, my best friend, Ashley, will be living & working there for several months starting in February! Stay tuned as she will be guest blogging on her experience on making the decision, living in another country, and so on.

I’ve never been…. and I’m dying to go! I just want to wear nautical sweaters & eat lobster. Is that so much to ask for? It just looks like a true New England dream land; rustic cabins, adorable local shops, lighthouses, rocky beaches & more! I’m thinking late Spring… perhaps May. Have you ever been? I’d love tips & insight, because I’m mainly thinking about the sweater opportunities. I saw read this article last year about Maine and have been dreaming about it ever since.


Charleston, SC

If Maine is the New England preppy dream, then Charleston is the Southern Belle fantasy. I’ve visited Savannah just once, and it was so beautiful & charming! I’ve heard Charleston is similar in some ways, and from photos & stories I’ve seen, I have no doubt I would love to go there. From what I hear, the food scene is pretty great, so I look forward to eating my way around town.

With the development that WOW Airlines has $99 one way flights to Iceland…. it may have opened up some time & budget for us to get to that beautiful arctic tundra. Matt was able to go in 2012 & he is obsessed, and would love to take me. I, of course, will not object to new adventures. I heard it’s almost sensory overload, but it looks magical.

(via Matt)
Asheville, NC
I almost have no excuse… but how have we NOT been here?! It’s a 5 hour drive… seriously, no excuse. 2015 WILL include Asheville. There’s wine tasting at the Biltmore, beautiful hikes, cabins & what seems like quirky towns to explore. Count me in.

Ok, so this isn’t quite bucket list because I’ve lived, studied abroad, and visited several other times, however, I haven’t been to London since 2011! And the fact that Matt has never been… I’d really love to show him my old stomping grounds. It was my first love, so I’m sure it will always be my favorite city. I could spend hours wandering around & be perfectly content. Maybe we’ll get back there this year.

(via me)
…and of course, everywhere else in the world. I am still dreaming of Croatia, Portugal, Pacific Islands, Australia, Thailand, Whistler, Grand Canyon, Costa Rica, Cuba, Norway, Turks & Caicos, San Diego, Portland, Austin, Duluth, Traverse City, and all the other favorites like LA, NYC, Chicago, South Florida, Seattle & more…

Yes, I have a problem. But hey – work hard, play hard. This is how I play.

Do you have any trips planned for 2015? Have you been to any of these places? I’d love your insight!

4 Comments on “Wanderlust Wednesday: 2015 Travel Bucket List

  1. Hey Renee! Love reading your blog secretly 😉 Justin and I love Asheville, especially the Biltmore, and we spent our 1st anniversary there. You should definitely go to Costa Rica, one of my favorites, and go zip-lining. It is beautiful! We are hoping to do more traveling now that we have returned from our great China adventure. Look forward to seeing how we can do it on a budget 🙂

  2. The Biltmore sounds so romantic for an anniversary! Costa Rica is definitely on my list, too. Welcome back! I'm so glad you like reading the blog 🙂

  3. Obsessed with all of these! Everywhere you named is on my bucket list 🙂 I grew up in southeast Michigan, so if you're making your way up to Traverse City I'd definitely recommend visiting Mackinac Island too, depending on how much time you have! And if you're driving and looking to make another pit stop, Grand Rapids is awesome! It's been named Beer City USA two years running and has some amazing food as well!

  4. Sounds awesome! I've never been to Michigan (unless layovers in Detroit count…) so I'll take all the advice I can get! 🙂

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