Wanderlust Wednesday: Jersey

Ok ok – most of you think i’m talking about New Jersey. Don’t get me wrong – i went to New Jersey a couple of months ago for the first time, and i had a blast (most likely to come in a W.W. post in the future!), and i’m the first one to tell you it’s a lot more than blow outs and fist pumps… However – this Wednesday is reserved for somewhere i’ve never been but would love to go – the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands of the United Kingdom

Would you like to join me?

As i said before, i’ve never been to Jersey. In 2007 when i was studying abroad, i was on an Easy Jet plane (read: cheap flights within Europe) to Prague (once again – you’ll eventually hear about Prague) reading the in-flight magazine, and i flipped through to the travel section, and there it was… a feature on Jersey.

Channel islands? I’d never considered. However, it was winter and it didn’t seem very appealing to go to an island when there was no prospect of sun or beach roaming. 4 years later, i’ve Googled Jersey UK enough times to get a few interesting facts that keep me wanting to visit.

Technically, it’s a “Crown Dependancy”… which means it’s a part of the Commonwealth… protected by the UK… but not part of the UK? To be honest, the entire United Kingdom has me stumped between what is a country, region, and territory. But for an island of about 45 sq. miles, it has almost 100,000 people living on it, making it very densely populated. Jersians speak English, French, and Jerriais is regionally recognized as a language.

The main attraction is summer – i’d love to go for an entire summer and wander around the 45 square miles until i’d seen every corner. The summers are full of walking, seaside festivals, jazz shows, and parades. Visitors come to see the beautiful beaches as well as experience the mix of English and French culture that Jersey uniquely has to offer.

Most interesting to me, is that there is a Spring and a Fall event called Walking Week – where people sign up to walk acorss the land and see the full countryside and experience all the beauty Jersey has to offer.

It’s interesting to think i would go to an island that didn’t focus primarily on tanning… but i think Jersey is the perfect place to test out this theory of the non-shore Jersey. For now, i’ll let you check out the details of this fabulous place, and you just let me know when you want to book your flight.