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Wanderlust Wednesday: Seattle, WA

Happy New Year to all! Now that you’re one week in, do you still have a resolution? 🙂

I didn’t really make any this year, but in the back of my mind I want to
– continually make  healthier choices
– travel more
– save more money
– finish fixing up this HOUSE

Hopefully I keep up with the first one… and the other three seem to happen easier for me 😉

Now to channel my second hope for my year, I’ve got a trip to Seattle happening this weekend. Long story short, but the original reasons for the trip are no longer existent, but my ticket was non refundable…. so Seattle, here I come!

This will be my second trip ever to Seattle, and I get to go again in April to assist Sharyn in getting MARRIED, and i’m so glad I can go twice in a short period of time! Because I freaking love it there.

Some places I’d highly recommend:

Using – We stayed here and it was the best decision. It was about 7 blocks from Pikes Market and right by a major bus line. Not to mention we had a 2br condo for half the price of a 200 sq foot hotel room! Holler.

Portage Bay Cafe – Delicious brunch. They even have a ‘toppings bar’ full of fresh berries and other treats if you order french toast or pancakes.

Chocolati – Cute little coffee shop/chocolate shop in the Wallingford area.

Bauhaus Books and Coffee – Near downtown Seattle, good coffee, but awesome vibe. Has a wall full of books. I loved it.

Skillet Diner – Definitely not your mamas diner. The atmosphere was perfect and the food was divine. In the Ballard area.

Ferry to Bainbridge Island – it’s really inexpensive and a nice 30 minute trip. Bainbridge Island is this cute small town with a bunch of wonderful shops and restaurants. We ate here and had ice cream here. Going there was one of my favorite nights of our trip!

Hiking Poo Poo Point – Besides it’s funny name, Poo Poo Point is one of the best views i’ve ever seen – you can clearly see Mt. Reiner and it’s beautiful. It’s located in Issaquah, about 30 minutes from Seattle. The trail is moderate (a few steep points for this Florida girl, but nothing you can’t handle!) Probably about a 3 hour round trip hike. On our way out, we stopped at the Issaquah Brewhouse, which is a Rogue brewery, which was a lot of fun. And well deserved after our hike!

This time, I know a few things we’ll be doing:

Snowboarding at Crystal Mountain – Now let’s review… I’m not very good. But it’s fun! And I got my very own snowboard for Christmas from my wonderful husband 🙂

apparently she’s a good one. i’ll let ya know. via Forum

Dinner at Radiator Whisky for Traci’s Birthday – this place looks AMAZING. Grilled Goat Cheese and Tomato Jam sandwich is looking like the winner… plus one of their signature cocktails, please.

Planning Sharyn’s Bachlorette weekend in Victoria, BC! This i’m super excited about, because I’ve had BC on my list for a while now. From what I hear, it’s amazing. So i’m pumped.

Drinking more coffee than I could imagine – which is fine with me, because I LOVE IT! I’d like to try here, here, and here (looks like fun!).

Have you been to Seattle? Any tips to offer? Also taking any tips from experienced visitors to Victoria, BC! xo

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  1. Hi there! I really enjoyed this Seattle recap and was hoping to ask you a couple of question via email. Could you let me know where I can reach you? Thank you!

  2. Hi Paulina! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually have quite a few posts on Seattle, but happy to answer any questions! My email is: avecamourblog AT gmail DOT com

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