Where We Stayed: Italy Edition

Ah! Italia! With all your beautiful carbs and colorful coastlines. I miss Italy pretty bad, and think you all should visit. Right now.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about where we stayed in Italy, as we used all Airbnb’s for this trip (renting a room in Italy was culturally normal before Airbnb was even invented, so it makes a lot of sense). 

Airbnb was cheap, had so many great locations, and really worked for us on this trip. A few notes:

  • Every Airbnb renter in Italy will collect €2 per person per night in CASH when you arrive. This is normal and required by them. So be prepared with your Euro coins (this is at time of publishing, Jan. 2016 – please confirm with your host)
  • Many Airbnb’s in Italy required you to check in by 8pm. If you’re taking a later train in, you may consider staying in a hotel or double checking that your host is ok with this later arrival. Some people were flexible, others said it cost extra for a late check in. We found this was common, so make sure you do your research.

Where we stayed: Airbnb in Manarola, Cinque Terre

How I would describe this lodging: Quaint, cozy, terrace, great view, close to the train. Nothing in Cinque Terre is very “luxurious”, so it’s all very quaint. Think about it like staying with your adorable grandma who has an awesome view.

Why we stayed: Mainly because of the view. Who could resist the giant terrace right on the water?! But also, it was extremely affordable (under $100/night), had great reviews, and was less than 10 min walk from the train station.

Would I recommend it?: Definitely. Our host was adorable and sweet, the location can’t be beat, and the terrace wins, for sure. Wherever you stay in CT (any village is wonderful!) make sure you’re close to a train station and have a balcony! Absolutely worth it.

PS – Tips on choosing an Airbnb in Cinque Terre

Our balcony in Cinque Terre! 
The room (photo via Airbnb listing)
The view from our balcony, right up into the town. Amazing!

Where we stayedRome

How I would describe this lodging: Rustic meets modern, central, cozy.

Why we stayed: The price was wonderful, I loved all these wooden beams and that the windows opened up. This was also RIGHT by the Colosseum  so location was amazing. It was very centrally located and we had a limited time there – so it was great.

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely. Like I said, the location was top notch. Less than 5 min walk to the Colosseum and many other attractions. The apartment had such charm to it with the exposed beams and was very spacious.

Our view in Rome! loved how these windows opened up.
Rome (photo via Airbnb) 
Rome (photo via Airbnb)
Lounging in our Airbnb in Rome

Where we stayedFlorence

How I would describe this lodging: Modern, crisp, comfortable, great location, South side of Florence.

Why we stayed: I was tipped off by a friend to stay south of the river, and I am so glad we did. The San Spirito neighborhood is so close to everything but not in tourist land. Plus, just look at the place! For about $85/night, what’s not to like?

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely. This host owns a few apartments and they were all lovely. I’d highly recommend this location to anyone who wants a more authentic experience in Florence.

Florence (photo via Airbnb)
Florence (photo via Airbnb)

We loved this space!                Our 2Euro bottle of wine at a local restaurant

The bridge by our rental!

Where we stayedVenice

How I would describe this lodging: This was actually a Bed & Breakfast that was listed on Airbnb. Canal views, breakfast included, cozy, clean, great location.

Why we stayed: This room was in a good location and we liked that it had a canal view (harder to come by than you’d think!) for a good price.

Would I recommend it?: Yes yes yes! Our host was wonderful and even made up a take-away breakfast for our last morning there. Worth noting, the bathrooms were not en suite so you did have to venture into the hall, but it was still very private.

Our room (photo via Airbnb)


Airbnb was a major hit for us! There were a lot of great places to choose from, and a really great price point! I wouldn’t even consider a hotel (although I’m sure they’re all so pretty!) because Airbnb just really worked out for us.

Where did you stay in Italy?

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  1. Glorious and colorful views! I am in love with these photos. Thanks for sharing them. I attended a destination wedding last weekend at one of popular Chicago venues. The beautiful views took my heart away.

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