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Amsterdam Recommendations – Send Me Your Tips!

We are heading to Amsterdam in May! Neither of us have ever been before. We have been to a lot of canal cities (Venice, Copenhagen, Bruges), so it only seemed appropriate we hit up Amsterdam next. Plus, it looks so pretty & the flights were crazy cheap (less than $400 per person round trip out of Nashville!)

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Besides renting bikes, exploring the canals, and visiting Anne Frank Museum, what should we do? Amsterdam is super famous for the red light district elements, but I know there has to be more to this city than that!

I’ve also heard a lot about the TULIPS and I believe they will be in bloom during that time (but I could definitely be wrong)! Are they easy to enjoy from the city? Is it a day trip out? Will we have missed them if we are there in mid-May? Could I possibly ask more questions about flowers? 🙂 I would love all of your recommendations! 

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We will most likely be staying in an Airbnb, so I’d love to know what areas of town are best to stay in. We love good coffee, walkability (or bike ability I guess), live music, and any vegetarian options. I recently read about this avocado themed restaurant and hope it’s open by the time we get there!

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We’ll only be visiting for about 3 full days, and a little extra time on our travel days, but this will be a quick visit so we’re looking to maximize our time. 

Also, what’s a girl to pack? Is the weather nice in May?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!