An Autumn Playlist

There are seasons in Tennessee, which I greatly appreciate about it. Florida never afforded me reasons to wear scarves or build bonfires, so I’m into it.
Cambridge in the Fall. You should go sometime.

I’m all about music that fits the mood, and fall has it’s own special mood. It’s not quite the holidays, but it’s definitely not bright and cheery like summer anymore, and i LOVE IT.

Bring on the cool days and mellow tunes.

Sweater Weather Playlist


“Wait for Me” – Kings of Leon (Loving the new album)
“She Lit a Fire” – Lord Heron
“The One That Got Away”  – Civil Wars
“Hero” – Regina Spektor
“The Enemy” – Andrew Belle
“Biko” – Bloc Party
“Back to Black” – Beyonce + Andre 3000 (Great Gatsby Soundtrack)
“Anna Begins” – Counting Crows
“Wake Up” – Arcade Fire
“Codes and Keys” – Death Cab for Cutie
“Things We Lost in the Fire” – Bastille
“Natural Anthem” – Postal Service
“Riptide” – Vance Joy
“Big Jet Plane” – Agnus & Julia Stone
“Knocked Up” – Kings of Leon
“Time and Time Again” – Counting Crows
“1957” – Milo Green
“Alexithymia” – Anberlin
“When Finally Set Free” – Copeland
“Heart Shaped Box” – Nirvana
“Cautioners” – Jimmy Eat World

A little mix of old favorites and stuff i’m just hearing. I’d highly recommend the Andrew Belle record, as well as the new Kings of Leon and newcomer, Bastille – I’m wearing all three of them out! And the new Arcade Fire was just released… I’m so looking forward to that album!

Are there any other fall releases I’ve missed?