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Wanderlust Wednesday: Ixtapa, Mexico

The only part of the “wedding” process that I was TRULY interested in was – where the heck are we going on our honeymoon!

It was one of the first things i started putting my research into. Venue? Dress? I got to them eventually 🙂

There are a lot of things to weigh in on your options for a honeymoon: warm + exotic, or cozy + cold? Removed from society or tourist destination? Do you want to relax the entire time, or have activities? There are tons more. We decided on: exotic, warm, slightly removed, and RELAX. This directed us to mexico, the caribbean, the pacific islands, hawaii, etc.

We started searching everything, and it was totally overwhelming. The next question – all inclusive or not? We did the math on some of the nicer resorts vs. all inclusive, and we ended up spending slightly less on drink and food for the week, and we always had exactly what we wanted (some all-inclusives are limiting on the restaurants you can eat at, etc).

Our answer: Capella Ixtapa in Ixtapa, Mexico.

the view
We found Capella through a website called and i have to tell you – it’s my favorite website on the planet. They only feature five star resorts in the most beautiful places in the world, and nothing they offer is less than incredible. That being said, they also offer them at incredibly low rates (i’m talking $500 a night hotels for $150 at times) – making this a win-win for us. 

Ixtapa is in the Zihuatanejo region… which is about 2hrs north of Acapulco. Zihuatanejo is the beach that they talk about at the end of Shawshank Redemption 🙂 It’s a quiet little place on the side of a cliff… 
This place was true paradise. It’s built into a side of a cliff, so each room has an infinity pool. The two large pools at the bottom are for all guests, and they’re also beautiful. They have the most kind, helpful staff i’ve ever met in my entire life. One of the servers HUGGED Matt on our last night there, saying he would miss us. I believe a lot of this success is the low density of the hotel. It only has 50 rooms or so, and each room only has 1 king bed. So it’s mostly couples, and you’ve got 100 people there at a time, max. The resort is large enough to where you’d barely notice. 

The food is probably the biggest reason to visit – it was truly the most amazing breakfasts i’ve ever had in my life! Roasted eggs, fresh tortillas and tomatoes…. divine. I just recently read an article in Conde Nast Traveler about the top 500 hotels in the world. Capella wasn’t only listed as one of them, but it was the only place to receive a perfect 100 score for food and dining…. and i completely agree! Just order everything.


And as a little bonus, they deliver house made chips and guac to your room EVERY SINGLE DAY at 5pm. It’s accompanied with dos cerveza. Absolutely perfect.

I’m especially reminiscent on our time right now because in one month exactly, we’ll be back there to celebrate our first anniversary (a few weeks delayed).


This place was heaven on earth for us. I don’t think you’d hate it either.