National Parks of New Zealand

If you think the National Parks in the US are gorgeous…. wait until you Google “national parks NZ”. Prepare to be blown away.We’re only going to be visiting New Zealand for 12 days (on the ground), and sadly, it’s not enough time to hit them all! We’ve been doing TONS of research and here are… Continue reading National Parks of New Zealand

Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

This year in Italy will be my 4th Thanksgiving celebrated off American soil. Even though it’s weird celebrating a specifically American holiday abroad, it’s still really fun! Especially if you’re able to celebrate with other ex-pats or travelers, because it’s a bonding experience 🙂 We like traveling over Thanksgiving because we can take longer trips while… Continue reading Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

Thailand Travel Diary: Guest Post by Ashley Wurzburger

Sometimes it’s hard to believe I haven’t been to Asia yet!  Several friends have traveled there in the last few years,  and I’m becoming increasingly anxious to go. Today, you  all are lucky enough to hear my best friend’s experience  on her recent trip to Thailand!  Ashley has been my best friend since 7th grade. … Continue reading Thailand Travel Diary: Guest Post by Ashley Wurzburger

Americana Inspired Vacations for the 4th of July (or anytime)

I LOVE the 4th of July – it reminds me of being a kid 🙂 Sparklers on the beach in my american flag bathing suit…. those were the days. There’s also something whimsical about places that are “quintessentially American”. These are typically old money/preppy towns (like Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod), but I think there… Continue reading Americana Inspired Vacations for the 4th of July (or anytime)

Non Traditional Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving…. over two weeks late. I hope it was wonderful 🙂 We’ve been gone since the end of November, but I’m so happy to be home! We celebrated Friendsgiving the Tuesday before with our Village. I cooked my first turkey and managed not to screw it up! (Thanks, Williams-Sonoma Brine!) Only ‘group photo’ we… Continue reading Non Traditional Thanksgiving